Misconceptions About Hemp Oil That You Need to Know

If you think that you are the only one who keeps hearing about hemp oil, then understand that you are not alone. There is a buzz about hemp oil everywhere – benefits of hemp oil, side effects of hemp oil, use of hemp oil and many more. The hemp oil is buzzing everywhere from search engines to natural food stores to newspapers. People are having hemp oil in their tea, taking it in capsules and in many other ways. The use of hemp oil is becoming very common due to its great health potential and its versatility. However, there is still seems to be a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about the real facts of hemp oil.

It’s quite easy for people to believe these myths, but before you do so, it’s imperative to get informed about the truth about hemp oil. In order to help you clear your thoughts about the hemp oil, here is a breakdown of the few common misconceptions we hear about hemp oil.

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Marijuana and Hemp are they the Same

Well, that’s absolutely true that marijuana and hemp come from the same plant family, but both hemp and marijuana are completely different in cultivation, function, and application. The level of THC ( a compound that can make you feel high) in marijuana is high. Whereas, hemp generally contains a very small amount of THC, also its used in skin products, dietary supplements and paper, and clothing.

Hemp Oil Has a lot of Nasty Side Effects 

This is not the truth. However, many people think that there are several side effects of hemp oil. If that would be the case, then why do people even use hemp oil? Well, the simple answer is for health benefits. Hemp oil is used to reduce chronic pain. Also, this substance can also be used to treat minor mental issues, for example, anxiety.

Hemp Oil is Not Safe For Children

Again, this is a big myth. One of the great benefits of this substance is that kids of all ages can effectively and safely use it. Also, there are no side effects of hemp oil other than good outcomes that kids experience when using this substance.

Hemp Oil Gives You a Hangover

This is a big misconception that always stops people from trying this product. Many believe that the after-effects of hemp can outweigh the benefits of this product. However, that is not the case. There is never any risk of a hangover or other dangerous effects when you use hemp oil.

Hemp Research Is Not Important 

Hemp research is very important and necessary for the growth and success of the re-emerging hemp industry. Dusting off the old books from the last century is not only enough for the research. However, the modern hemp research can provide insights and other details into cultivation, agronomy, harvesting and complete processing, all this is crucial to building the strong infrastructure for an advanced hemp industry.

To end it up, it’s true that hemp oil is extremely reliable, effective and SAFE substance, that you should truly appreciate and can use for a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle!

Hemp oil can be beneficial to your health but make sure you buy a healthy, pure quality brand without additives or toxic ingredients.

Have you ever tried hemp oil and if so please share your experience in the comment section.

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