Five Deep Cleaning Tasks to Do This Summer

If you’ve stuck with your goal of engaging in a hearty round of spring cleaning, you deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. However, there are probably some spots you didn’t think to clean. For busy people, it can be challenging to keep up with light cleaning duties, let alone finding time for deep cleaning sessions.

Why not continue the spring cleaning trend into the summer, and tackle these five easy-to-miss tasks before the fall rolls around?

1. Clean Your Mattress

Mattresses harbor dead skin, dust mites, and oils from sweating through our blankets. If you have pets that are allowed to sleep on your bed the problem is compounded. Unfortunately, you can’t just throw your mattress into the laundry for a proper washing. No, you’re going to need to take the hands-on approach and get it done yourself.


  • Cornstarch
  • Baking soda
  • and a blend of your favorite essential oils in a glass jar


Shake the contents onto your bare mattress and rub in a bit. Let this sit for 20 minutes, then vacuum, using a fine particle attachment. This will leave your mattress fresh and inviting. While you’re at it, wash your pillows too. Visit for inspiration.

2. Vents, Filters, and Fans

Take time to clean anything that is responsible for distributing air throughout your home. These tend to collect a lot of dust, which either reduces the filtration effectiveness or passes the debris along to be inhaled by your family. Remove filters from their fixture and soak in a combination of hot water and lemon oil. Vent covers can be removed and rinsed with hot water. Fans may need to be taken apart and dusted, then wiped with a damp cloth.

If you’re removing any vent covers from the wall, take time to clean around the opening of the vent itself, as sometimes dust and debris accumulate where the air shaft meets the gyprock.

3. Touch Points

Think about all the things people touch in your home. Now, consider the high traffic areas. Door knobs, remotes for the television, light switches, and the handle of the fridge are just a few areas that see a lot of traffic. These areas can easily become a breeding ground for germs.

Go through your home and clean these areas with a green cleaner or antibacterial wipe.

You can create your own antibacterial wipes with:

  • Paper towel
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Essential oils


Try to do this more frequently during cold and flu season.

4. Your Computer

Take the time to give your computer a little TLC. Like the various touch points in your home, a computer can become a haven for germs. Keyboards often collect a lot of dust and debris over the year as well, as long as buildup on the screen. Take some time to clean out the keyboard, wipe down the mouse with an antibacterial wipe, and clean the screen using the method advised by the manufacturer.

Make sure to address all of your computers. If you work at an office outside the home, take time to give that computer a wipe down as well, especially if multiple people use it on a regular basis.

5. Ceilings and Trim

Washing the walls is usually on the list of spring cleaning tasks. If it isn’t, add it! While focusing on the walls, we often neglect the points above and below, specifically the ceiling and the trim. If you have ornate trim with lots of grooves, you may need a toothbrush to get in and clean everything effectively.

For your ceiling, keep it simple with a quick dusting to capture any stray cobwebs and a light cleaning with a damp sponge mop. Use hot water and your favorite essential oil for an easy-to-use, green option.

Adding a quick session of deep cleaning this summer will keep up the momentum you built while spring cleaning, and set you up for success in the fall.

Make sure when you do your cleaning your are cleaning the green and natural way with 9 Basic Ingredients that are safe for any job in your house!  Make sure that your home is not only clean but free from toxic fumes from commercial cleaners that are harmful to your health and the environment.

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