Five Tips on How to Maintain a Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool is one of the most treasured property one can own. Swimming pools provide luxury, especially during the hot summer seasons. However, you will be required to do more about cleaning and maintenance, if you opt to hire a professional or to do it by yourself. This article will highlight all the fundamentals procedures that you need to undertake. Therefore, let us closely look at how you can clean and maintain your swimming pool.

Well, one of the most fundamental steps in swimming pool maintenance is to ensure that there is a water balance. It can be a complicated process, and if you don’t understand some of these basics, you might neglect every aspect of cleaning thus failing to maintain and clean the swimming pool as required.

Well someone may ask why is pool water balance important.

tips on how to maintain a swimming pool

Let us have a look at some of the reasons why it is essential.

1. Safety – if you’re using a chlorine or a salt based swimming pool then you have to be sure of the PH levels of your swimming pool. It ensures the chlorine sanitizer will work at its optimum level to kill germs and bacteria.

2. Comfort – balanced water implies that it is neither too basic or acidic which in one way or another would affect your eyes and skin.

3. The corrosion – imbalanced swimming pool can be corrosive

4. Total alkalinity – Your swimming pool should have its alkaline levels ranging between 100 ppm.

5. Stabilizer – it helps in retaining chlorine from being broken down by the sunlight.

Opening your pool

Opening a swimming pool is one of the considerations when spring approaches. It is when the temperatures begin to rise, and it is fit to prepare your pool for the warm season.

The following are some of the things you can consider to achieve this:

Remove the swimming pool cover-it is vital to remove the pool cover which accumulates typically during the winter season. You can do this by using a vacuum or a pump to remove the top water of the pool so that it doesn’t mix with your pool water.

Clean up plant debris-most plants are the leaves and flowers during the summer season which can find its way to the pool. Therefore you will be required to clean up these plants debris.

Check your pool supplies-it is recommended that you check the expiry dates of your pool products containers to ensure that expired products doesn’t find its way to the pool. If some of these products are expired, it is advisable to replace with new products and dispose properly of the expired ones.  Make your pool earth-friendly and use budget saving natural and greener products when when possible.

tips to maintain your swimming pool

Additionally, you should test your water before filling the pool inspect the pool to remove freeze plugs from the wall returns and surface skimmers. Besides, you and check the pump and the filters, and if there is any possible damage you should promptly do the replacement, this is to prevent it from cracking. It is also essential to remove calcium scales and various stains by using a tile brush or a baking soda. Pool style clean N-store is effective in removing grease and dirt which ensures a long life for your pool cover.

Alternatively, apply the cleaner and scrub it with a brush. It is also recommended that you purchase a larger plastic container which you can use it is storing your pool cover this prevents insects from accessing it. You need to understand that different types of poles will require different pre-opening measures.

Vacuuming your swimming pool

Vacuuming a swimming pool is a necessary procedure that ensures proper maintenance of your pool. You can check the information in this review to find the best pool cleaner. Most people prefer using an automatic swimming pool cleaner. Some of them can achieve this manually by using important cleaning pieces of equipment. How can one vacuum a pool efficiently?.

tips tp maintain your swimming pool

To understand this better let us have a look at the following procedure:

  • Attach the vacuum pole and hose
  • After that, lower it to the bottom of the pool by sinking the vacuum which is partly connected to the hose at its furthest end. It ensures that air is effectively removed from the hose. If you want to know if you have done it correctly, you will notice water running out of the hose.
  • Take the skimmer basket off and open it at the back. After that connect it to the hose.
  • Turn off the main control valve at the filter slab and the one which is attached to the skimmer by positioning it until the pump gets activated.
  •  Vacuum the pool slowly just like you usually do on hard floors and carpet.If the pool were filthy, you would be required to empty the pump regularly.

Tile maintenance

Tiles are stained by unbalanced PH levels which causes a separation of calcium carbonate from water which it eventually forms brown and white patches on the tiles. Therefore it is advisable to regularly balance the water to prevent scale from building up you can do this by following the simple procedure below:

  •  adjust the pool total alkalinity level to a range of 80 to 120 ppm.
  •  proceed and test the ph level and ensure it is ranging between 7.2 and 7.6 you can adjust the scale by adding a PH balancer.
  •  You need to maintain calcium hardness between a range of 200 and 235 ppm to avoid the risk of accumulating scale. Additionally, you can do this by adding soft water or use a scale inhibitor.
  •  It is recommended to test and clean your water regularly .this ensures calcium levels remains at a manageable level which is a preventive measure to the accumulation of scale.
  • Finally, scrub the light areas of waterline with a sponge or a tile cleaner to ensure that the tiles are clean perfectly .some of these cleaners are design depending on the type of the pools.

If you are cleaning and maintaining a swimming pool, you can be sure that you will enjoy swimming to the maximum level. It is advisable to regularly clean it so that you can maintain it in good condition for an extended period if you find it challenging you can look for professional to help you out in cleaning your swimming pool.

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