How to Make Your Swimming Pool Truly Earth-Friendly!

Backyard spas and plunge pools are becoming increasingly popular in Australia and many place around the world. Having an Earth-friendly swimming pool means opting for options that save both energy and water. Implementing these will not only cut the upkeep costs, but also make your pool friendlier for the environment.

Harness rainwater

Rather than using tap water from municipal grid, you can use rainwater to refill your pool. Invest in a rainwater diverter that attaches to a downpipe, directing the water into your pool. Ask for a diverter with the capability to filter out leaves and roof debris. If you want the whole system to be more effective, purchase a separate rainwater tank where you can store water and use it as you need it.

Use a pool blanket

In hot Australian climate, evaporation is one of the main causes of water loss from swimming pools. Fitted pool blankets cover the pool when it is not in use, reducing the water loss and evaporation by 97%. What is more, these blankets also prevent dirt and debris from polluting the water. In other words, you won’t have to clean the pool that often. Some pool covers also have special insulating properties that prevent the heat from escaping. This way, you can save energy that you would otherwise use for re-heating. As a result, you can have longer swimming sessions, even during the cool seasons.

Tip: Pool blankets come in all shapes and sizes. However, there are some that act as passive solar panels by harnessing natural energy for water heating.

Choose an eco-friendly filter

Water-saving filter is one of the most important elements of an Earth-friendly pool. It can make the difference between a water-saving and water-wasting pool. The technology behind different filters is diverse, with various environmental impacts. If you want to save water, make sure that you use cartridge filters instead of sand filters. The latter need to be washed frequently, wasting substantial amounts of water in the process. Also, you can adjust the filter to run not more than 6-12 hours a day. Programed this way, the filter will save energy, returning the investment in the first few months.

Tip: During the winter months, when you aren’t using the pool that much, letting the filter run 2 hours a day is more than enough.

Upgrade your cleaners

It goes without saying that you have to clean your pool on a regular basis. Among an abundance of cleaning options, you should choose cleaners that automate the whole process. If you clean the pool manually, you are wasting precious time, water and energy, not to mention the use of chemicals that are often dangerous for the environment. On the other hand, contemporary swimming pool cleaners, as those offered by Narellan Pools, use vortex technology and rotating heads that can be installed to flush the pool floor, steps and benches. These systems reduce energy and water consumption without any use of chemicals.

Involve nature

Instead of using pool blankets, you can go for an even “greener” option and plant natural windbreaks around the pool. Plants and shrubs along the poolside will not only improve the ambiance but also reduce the water evaporation. As a result, you will be able to save water on refilling your pool and save time on maintenance. However, make sure to place the plants in such a way that no leaves or debris can fall into the pool. The best plants for the poolside are those that don’t break or pluck easily.

Making your backyard pool eco-friendly will not only reduce the heating and water bills, but also give you a peace of mind that only comes with knowing that your enjoyment and happiness won’t harm the environment.

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