Fun Summer Activities in the Garden for Kids

Summertime Garden Activities for Kids

Summer is knocking at your door and the kids can’t wait to play outside. Of course, playing in the backyard or in the garden is something that could not be compared to staying in front of the computer or TV. Kids adore spending the whole day in the garden where they feel the freedom and where they have close contact to nature.

Read this piece of article to be acquainted with some fresh tips for your kids that will help you to initiate some healthy and fun outdoor summer games and activities in the garden or yard. Do not hesitate to experiment and to encourage the kids to try new things.

Here are the greatest summer ideas for playing in the garden, kindly presented by TopGardeners Tottenham:

The wonderful Liquid Limbo
What is more appropriate in the hot summer days, than feeling the cooling effect of the water hose. If you think that it could not be used for your summer activities in the garden, then you are completely wrong. The stream of a water hose will become the perfect stick for the well known liquid limbo. This game is very popular and is more than suitable for the hot summer days. Encourage kids and their friends to take part in the liquid limbo – they will be thrilled by the idea of trying this non-traditional liquid limbo that will bring a lot of fun moments.

A Game With A Sponge
Supply the kids with two buckets – the first one will be filled with water and the second one will be empty. Then give them one colorful and huge sponge and instruct them how to move the water from one bucket to the other by using the sponge. Make a competition and give tiny prizes for the kids that manage with this activity in the fastest possible way. This game is very simple but it is the excellent decision for hot summer days when kids spend more time in the garden.

Watering The Plants With Gigantic Spray Bottles
Who says that watering of the plants could not be a fun experience? Especially when you have gigantic spray bottles at your disposal. Give your kids several huge spray bottles and instruct them how to water the plants. The bigger kids can also use the whole hose and, of course, when finishing with the plants, you can encourage the kids to use the spray bottles to cool each other and to make a lot of fun. Combining the duties and the game in one activity is the perfect gardening idea for summer.

These are some of the greatest ideas for summer activities in the garden for your adorable kids. Remember to try new and diverse projects and to take part in the games. Kids will appreciate your readiness and will have a great time during the hot summer days. Instead of letting them play at home and in front of the computer, do not hesitate to encourage the kids to go outside with their friends and to entertain themselves with these great activities and games. Ask them for their preferences and make sure that you will come up with interesting and innovative ideas that will attract their attention. There is nothing better than having fun in the garden and discovering new and exciting gardening activities.


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