Green Home Decluttering: Smart Ideas

Clutter is present in every home, there is no doubt about that. And, every now and then it comes a time when you have to declutter your home. So, while you are at it, why not do it in an eco-friendly way? Getting rid of all the junk and helping the environment sounds impossible, yet it is possible.

Green Ways to Declutter Your Home

1. Repurpose old stuff

So many things stay inside homes because they evoke memories and nostalgia every time you look at them. That old suitcase you used to carry around on your vacation, old ladder you used when you first painted your home, tennis rackets that you plan to use one day – but never do, plastic and glass bottles that wait for their day. The list goes on and on. Did you ever think about the ways you could repurpose all that clutter? There are many options to breathe in a new life into those old, forgotten things.

2. Use less paper

Let’s face it – paper towels became a normal thing in every kitchen. But, dishcloths are just as good, even better, not to mention that they save woods from being cut down. And why not cancel on your magazine subscription and have it sent to your e-mail in PDF format instead? Check if it’s possible to receive monthly bills over E-mail and then use eBanking to pay them. That way, less paper will be used for printing.

3. All those toys

Your kids grew up and aren’t playing with all the toys they have. To avoid piles in children’s room, put all long-forgotten toys inside the box, close it and then look out for a place where you can donate it. One of the places you can go to is an orphanage. Just imagine how happy those little darlings will be once they get their own teddy bears, dolls and little cars!

donate recycle and reorganize your home

4. Donate

Many people in this world have a lot less than you do and that’s what you should keep in mind once you decide to declutter your home. Put aside all outgrown clothes, old books, furniture and other things you don’t need, pack it in the box and donate them. In order to bring all those things to people in need as quickly as possible you should consider truck rentals that will bring them everything they need at the same time. Thanks to a hydraulic tailgate lift, even the heavy things will be inside the truck without jeopardizing anyone’s muscles or backs.

5. Clear the fridge

Very often people buy lots of food and then end up not eating it entirely. How many times did a bit of cheese or salami end up in a trash can? It means that you should pay attention to the quantity of food you are buying so you would be able to reduce the waste. That also means that it’s time to clear and declutter your fridge. Check what kind of containers are recyclable and, in the future, buy food packed only in that kind of packaging. Once you eat the food, you can throw those packages away without fear that they will pollute the environment.

6. Natural cleaners

Plastic isn’t recyclable, and detergents usually come packed in plastic bottles. Not to mention all the chemicals the detergents have that are bad for both you and the environment. Why not make your own, green cleaning products? Mix items like baking soda, vinegar, lemon and essentials oils and keep them in glass jars or bottles. Read more about 7 substitutes for chemical based green cleaning and some great DIY cleaning recipes!

Declutter your home the green way

7. Bring in some greening

Plants can brighten up your home more than anything else. Beside their beauty, those green friends can be quite healthy as well.

Pick up a few air-purifying plants and you will rarely feel that stuffed air inside your room.

  • Aloe vera
  • Snake plant
  • Boston fern
  • Dracaena

These are only a few of the plants that will clear the air you breathe in while you’re resting in your bedroom.

8. Make some order in your closet

And no, it’s not just about getting clothes out of it and donating them. If you need more space inside your closet, try to reorganize it. Don’t buy plastic bins and hooks right away. Try to adjust existing shelves and hooks in your closet and you might find that you don’t actually need to buy some ugly plastic containers in which you want to hold your scarves.

9. Regifting

Some people don’t like it, but regifting can be quite practical, thoughtful, eco-friendly and economic. If you no longer want to have some DVDs, CDs, books or something else, why not surprising somebody who you know would love to have it? Maybe you didn’t like it at all when you got it, but once you start thinking who would love to have a particular book, that person will feel that he or she is important to you.

When you start with this kind of decluttering you won’t have just tidy home with lots of free space, but you will also help the Earth to recover at least a bit and make somebody happy with donations and gifts. And that’s a reason enough to get rid of all the clutter in the most eco – friendly way.

A healthy home is a clean home free from dirt and chemicals. it is organized. A healthy home is where you and your family feel safe and happy. Make your home a place where your family and friends can feel comfortable and you can be proud of because you have made it the a green clean healthy and happy place to live and visit.

Do you have tips or helpful suggestion on how to declutter and reorganize your to make it a healthy safe home for your family? If so please leave them in the comment section below!

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