Green Home: The Anatomy Inside and Outside

Most people are familiar with the three R’s—reduce, reuse and recycle. Some people argue that there is too much focus on recycling and not enough on reducing and reusing. In order to fully care for out planet, many people are applying eco-friendly and sustainable home renovations and improvements to do their part in saving Mother Earth.

One home area that has numerous opportunities to reduce and reuse is the living room. While people don’t heavily use water and gas in their living rooms, electricity consumption is large here due to electronic devices like TVs and lamps. Here are two easy ways to reduce or reuse in your living room:

Reuse hand-me-down furniture. There’s a stigma that used furniture is dirty. This leads many people to sending old furniture to landfills and purchasing new. Tap into your inner DIY and add new fabrics to a used couch or armchair. This can give used furniture a new feel.

Reduce by unplugging unused electronics. You’ve heard it before and we’ll say it again. Electronics that remain plugged in still use power when unused. This can even be responsible for 10% of an electricity bill. Simply unplug when not in use.

More information on how to reduce and reuse can be found in this anatomy of a green home infographic. Making small eco-friendly home improvement choice can make a big environmental impact.

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