Guide to Choosing a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Have you finally decided to get into vaping? That’s great. However, there are overwhelming choices that you have to make, and they might make it hard for you to know where you get started. Luckily, this guide will help you out.

The early 2000s saw the invention of vaporizers. Since then, the industry has seen massive growth. Due to increased demand for vaping devices, the companies involved have reacted suitably by coming up with newer and more inventive units.

guide to choosing a dry herb vaporizer

Regardless of being a seasoned vape expert of shatter or just a beginner, the selection process to purchasing a dry herb vaporizer has become more of a task.

The good thing is that there are vital factors that you should consider so that the journey of finding an ideal vaporizer becomes fast and straightforward.

Well, this guide outlines these factors, and they include:

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It is wise to check the cost of the new dry herb vaporizer when you start shopping. It helps you make a crucial decision on how much you want to invest. Usually, you can get the inexpensive models at about $50 whereas the expensive designs can go for over $500. For a beginner, investing in a cheap vaporizer is not a wrong thing to do as you are not yet sure if you will like vaping.


It is crucial for you to purchase from a reputable company. Avoid vendors with non-branded vaping products and be careful when buying from vendors in less regulated part of your country. Also, be aware of online vendors. This way, you will shun purchasing counterfeits that are imitations, reduced quality, inauthentic, or they can be unsafe. As well, be cautious when you order weed online.

Also, decide on the type of dry vaporizer that you want. You can ask your friends who vape or read reviews online. It increases the probability of you finding a genuine device.


The expensive dry vaporizers can also experience minor functionality problems which are covered by a warranty. It is essential to buy a vaporizer having a manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee.

Preparation time

Once you find a vaporizer that matches customer satisfaction and comes with a warranty, then it is the right time to compare the general preparation times for different vaporizers. There is no single vaporizer that you can turn it on and use it instantly. They require some time – so that they warm up.

The vaporizers which use direct flames can take a few minutes to warm up, whereas those using ceramic heater chambers can take an hour before you can use them. Therefore, if you are in search of a vaporizer that offers you quick fix, then choose a product which heats in less than five minutes. Also, choose a device which matches your way of life.


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Another critical factor for a dry herb vaporizer is whether you want a desktop unit or portable device. Desktop units are appropriate for those users who vape solely at the comfort of their homes. Also, they produce the highest quality of cloud.
Portable devices are appropriate for users who vape on the go. Many users usually prefer portable vaporizers. Because there are many portable dry herb vaporizers in the market, taking portability as a factor narrows down your search in this field slightly.

Discreetness, build and composition

Consumers who want to vape inconspicuously should look for devices which are smaller in size. They can be small to even conceal in the palm of your hand, and they come with non-obtrusive mouthpieces. The users who do not mind seen vaping can go for sturdy devices.

Composition of the device, whether small or sturdy, should be another essential factor. Different manufacturers use different materials to construct vaporizers. Some cheap vaporizers use plastic materials that can have adverse effects on the taste of your herb.

For smoothest and coolest clouds, go for glass mouthpieces. The composition of the heating chamber is also essential, and ceramic ovens are ideally the best in protection against combustion to provide improved flavor and help prevent carcinogens.

Heat type

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Convection and conduction are the two common methods that can heat a vaporizer. Warmed air heat the herbs and spices in a convection model, and there is even heating. Heating elements heat your herbal mixture in a conduction model, and there is a higher probability of burning and require more work.

Battery life

Each brand of vaporizer will mention the kind of battery it utilizes; rechargeable or removable. Make sure that the battery provides enough power for your use. Vape experts may prefer those vaporizes whose batteries can be removed and you can switch them out.

No doubt that vaping your herbs is healthier and provide you with better taste and aroma.  A dry herb vaporizer can help you find physical and mental relief.

Through our guide to understand the essential factors that help you choose the perfect dry herb vaporizer for your use. Online dispensary Canada offers you with the type of weed you need. Just order, and it will be delivered.

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