Hair Fall Hacks: Fabulous Benefits of Mayonnaise for Hair & Two Simple Hair Masks 

Mayonnaise might be one of the tastiest things you have ever had. But, did you know it is an amazing hair care ingredient as well? No right?

Put aside your store brought hair care products and use mayonnaise to battle all your hair problems.

Read on to learn about the wonderful benefits of mayonnaise for hair. Also, learn to make two simple DIY masks with this miracle ingredient from what is available in your kitchen.

Mayonnaise hair masks are considered as an alternative home remedy to treat hair problems, including frizzy and dull hair, and hair fall.

While there are so many commercial products that you can easily buy and use, the result, or rather the effect that natural treatments give you is unmatched. The good part is they are far more affordable and efficient.

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Amazing Benefits of Mayonnaise Masks for Your Hair

The internet is full of how mayonnaise is the most effective, natural treatment to cure dry hair. A quick web search will give you your answers. Since we know you don’t have the time, we have shared here why you must make mayonnaise masks a part of your haircare treatments.

It Increases Moisture Level

Mayonnaise contains oil as the main ingredient, along with egg, lemon juice, vinegar, and egg yolk. We are talking about the classic, plain mayonnaise and not the ones with garlic or olives. Mayonnaise is basically made out of soybean or canola oil. If your hair lacks natural oil or sebum (curly, frizzy, dry or wavy hair types) mayonnaise can make your hair cuticle (from the middle to end) oilier and nourished.

If your hair is naturally straight and has a normal texture, you don’t need to add more oil or mayonnaise. For straight-haired people, sebum can easily travel to the middle and end of the hair.

It Makes your Hair Less Frizzy and Manageable

If your hair has reduced moisture content, it may stick out from all ends, appearing frizzy and unmanageable. Frizz is caused by excessive humid or excessive dry condition, including hot water hair bath.

While mayonnaise will retain your hair from dryness, you must also take care of your hair by avoiding blow-driers or other heated tools and rubbing your hair dry instead of patting it.

It Controls Hair Fall

Who doesn’t like strong and long hair? But, too much of external heat from hair products and excessive color treatments can weaken your hair follicles and damage your hair. The oil in mayonnaise not only acts as a good home remedy for dry hair but also works as an excellent natural treatment for weak hair. Egg yolk is also a helpful moisturizer.

It Prevents Dandruff

The vinegar in mayonnaise regulates the scalp’s pH percent and sebum production. Excessive oil production and pH level fluctuation are the biggest reasons for dandruff. Mayonnaise removes clogged oil from pores and tightens the follicles. This not only prevents dandruff but also regulates hair loss.

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It Promotes Hair Growth

On the other hand, the L-cysteine in mayonnaise has the ability to promote hair growth if combined with vitamin B6. L-cysteine is a type of amino acid important for building keratin. Keratin is a kind of protein that is found in hair, which promotes hair growth and strengthening. However, there are no evident scientific studies made to support the fact whether amino acids in mayonnaise mask actually trigger hair growth.

It Treats Lice Naturally

Some people also believe that mayonnaise can treat head lice, a very common problem in children. The thickness of mayonnaise can suffocate the lice, just like how butter does. However, even this fact doesn’t have strong evidence-based support. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology is quick to deny this by stating that mayonnaise can only dysfunction the lice temporarily and doesn’t kill them.

Two Simple Mayonnaise Masks for Hair

Mayo and Egg Mask (for Strong and Thick Hair)

What You Need:

  •  Half cup of egg-mayonnaise
  •  One egg or half cup yogurt
  •  Few drops of coconut oil

How to Apply:

  • Beat the egg and add the mayonnaise and oil
  • Make a fine paste out of it
  • Cover your scalp with the mask
  • Leave it for half an hour
  • Wash it off with shampoo
  • Apply conditioner

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Mayo and Banana Mask (for Smooth and Shiny Hair)

What You Need:

  • One ripe banana
  • Half cup mayonnaise

How to Apply:

  • Blend mayonnaise and banana together
  • Apply the mask on your hair from root to tip
  • Leave for an hour
  • Wash it off with warm water

Using homemade, natural remedies for hair and skin problems is the best way to treat your body without causing any side effects. You can also apply mayonnaise as it is once in a week to combat any of the problems mentioned above.

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