Healthy Lifestyle: Best Method to Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes affects millions of people in the world. This chronic condition can increase the chances of heart diseases, kidney failure, and blindness. People with prediabetes are prone to develop type II diabetes. If you have someone in your family with type II diabetes, get a suitable health plan for him/her. Feel free to start your search with However, you can’t change your past behaviors, age, and genes; there are several actions that can help you to prevent diabetes.

Ways to Prevent Diabetes

Cut Refined Carbs and Sugar

With refined carbs and sugary foods, you can increase the risk of diabetes. Your body can quickly break these items into small sugar molecules. These molecules become a part of your bloodstream. As a result, your blood sugar increases and rouses your pancreas for insulin production.

Insulin is a hormone that can help the sugar to become a part of your body cells and bloodstream. If you want to decrease the risk of diabetes, it is essential to replace refined carbs and sugar with healthy options. Eat food with fewer carbs and less sugar.

Exercise to prevent diabetes

Regular Workout

Regularly perform physical activities to prevent diabetes. Exercise can increase the insulin sensitivity of human cells. When you do exercise, your body can control its blood sugar with limited insulin. With moderate-intensity workout, you can increase insulin sensitivity of your body.

You can try high-intensity interval training, strength training, and aerobic exercise to prevent diabetes. With regular workout, you can improve the functions of your body. Try to choose the best physical activity that you can enjoy regularly.

Drink More Water

Water is necessary for the human body. If you want to decrease the risk of diabetes, avoid soft drinks and sugary beverages. Drink almost 12 glasses of water regularly. You can squeeze a lemon in your water to enhance its flavor. Sugary beverages, such as punch and soda are associated with LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes for adults) and type 2 diabetes.

LADA can affect teens and youngsters. You have to avoid sugar-sweetened beverages and commercially available juices. Make sure to drink fresh water to control the insulin response and blood sugar. If you are overweight, it is essential to replace diet soda with plain water.

Lose Weight

If you are obese or overweight, you are prone to develop type 2 diabetes. People with prediabetes may carry extra weight in the abdominal organs and midsection, such as the liver. This fat is called visceral fat. This fact can promote insulin resistance and inflammation. With this fat, you are at a higher risk of diabetes.

By losing weight, you can decrease this risk. There are several diets, such as vegetarian and paleo diet, Mediterranean and low-carb diet. You can choose any one of them and stick with patience. For great results, you have to follow any of these diets consistently. For your safety, consult a nutritionist to get personalized advice. He/she can make an exciting diet plan for you after evaluating your eating habits. Moreover, smoking is also associated with diabetes. Try to quit smoking to avoid several other health risks as well.

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