Herbal Remedies to Use During Pregnancy

Herbal remedies for pregnancy

The first trimester of pregnancy is very challenging for some women, especially if they have struggled with getting pregnant for quite a while, or they are experiencing back pain or morning sickness. Though there are many over-the-counter and prescription medications that can help, they can also be harmful to unborn babies. Because of this, many women are choosing natural herbal remedies and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and habits instead.

raspberry leaf

  • Raspberry Leaf

This herb has a pleasant taste. It is usually found in a tea bag form, so it can be easily steeped in a hot cup of water and drank quickly. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that boost the immune system to help pregnant women stay healthy. It also promotes blood circulation, which is especially important for ensuring that there is an adequate supply of blood carried to the baby. There are discrepancies among health professionals concerning the way that it helps a pregnant woman in labor though. Some say that if it is taken during the first trimester, it will prevent a miscarriage. Others say that it should be taken after 32 weeks of pregnancy to ensure a fast and easy delivery. This is because raspberry leaves strengthen pelvic floor and uterine muscles. The tea can be continued after the baby is born to ensure that the mother produces enough breast milk.

stinging nettle

  • Stinging Nettles

This herb can be found easily in nature in most parts of the country. It gets its name from the painful rash that occurs if a person accidentally brushes up against it. But, though it sounds a bit intimidating, it is chock full of nutrition that is beneficial to pregnant women. This herb can be taken throughout the entire pregnancy to tone uterine muscles and prevent swelling and edema. It also reduces pain in joints. Though stinging nettle can be found in a tea form, the taste is a bit overpowering, so many people prefer to take it in a capsule form instead.


  • Ginger

Out of all herbs tried by pregnant women, ginger is statistically the most common. Ginger is beneficial to women who are experiencing morning sickness because it is so helpful at calming nausea and stomach pain. But, this isn’t all this wonderful herbal remedy can do. When taken throughout the pregnancy, it can actually reduce the likeliness of a baby being born with birth defects and boost a woman’s energy levels. Inflammation of the body is also reduced with sipping a cup of it a few times a day.

Staying Healthy for Your Baby

Herbal remedies are only a part of what is needed to keep a woman’s body healthy during pregnancy. She must also eat right and avoid foods with chemical based preservatives in them. Preservatives and synthetic dyes have been proven to decrease a child’s intelligence, cause behavioral problems, and lead to birth defects in their brain and body. Including gentle exercises like tai chi, yoga, and meditating for a few minutes each day, are both also helpful to a pregnant woman’s health because they reduce stress and keep the body healthy. Stress can surprisingly also be alleviated by keeping the home as clean as possible.

Many studies have shown that a home’s environment affects people emotionally. The more dirty and unorganized it is, the worse a person will feel when they have to spend time there. A clean home is very important to a baby’s health too. Because of this, it helps to clean the home from top to bottom, and hire a professional carpet cleaners to sanitize the carpets that could be harboring dangerous germs before the baby is born. And if possible, other home improvements, such as kitchen cabinet refinishing or painting, should also be completed before the mother gets too close to her due date. This will make sure that all projects are completely finished ahead of time just in case she goes into labor early.

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  1. Great post! I drank some raspberry leaf tea and did yoga during my second pregnancy and really believe it helped a ton with preparing my body for birth. I actually ended up having a natural VBAC. 🙂 Ginger tea does help with morning sickness too!

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      Thank you for reading my article and commenting. I believe it always better to do anything the natural way and giving birth to your child naturally can make a big major difference for the baby and the mother. Have a healthy happy & blessed day.

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