How to do Your Bit in the Fight for Renewable Energy

The majority of scientists agree that the most important step in tackling climate change is switching to renewable energy and stopping the use of fossil fuels. Climate change groups are putting pressure on governments to enforce that and, while there are carbon emission quotas, they simply aren’t high enough. The money involved in fossil fuel production means that the government are reluctant to put pressure on gas and oil companies, which means it’s up to people like you to inspire that change. If enough people make an effort to move toward using renewable energy, you can force that change from the bottom. Here’s how to do your bit in the fight for renewable energy.

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Use The Right Energy Provider

When you’re choosing an energy provider, price is probably the thing that you’re looking at. You want to find the provider that is going to give you the best price so you can save money. That was fine when all of them were using fossil fuels and you couldn’t avoid it, but now you can. There are a lot of energy providers like the Josco Energy Corporation who are generating the majority of their energy from renewable sources. You’ll still be able to get good prices and you can be sure that you’re not contributing to climate change by using fossil fuels. If enough people switch to these companies and take money away from the providers that are using fossil fuels, it will force them to start considering renewable energy instead if they still want to make money.

Cut Your Energy Usage

You won’t always be able to find a provider that uses renewable energy, and even those that do can’t always generate enough to avoid fossil fuels completely. That means you’re always at risk of contributing to climate change, even if it’s in a reduced way. The best way to cut your contribution to global warming is to use less energy in the first place. You probably already know that you should switch things off when you’re not using them etc. but you should also consider the appliances that you have in the house. Old washing machines or fridges are going to use a load more power than new ones. It’s pretty expensive to replace them but you’ll save money in the long run through reduced energy bills and you’ll be cutting down on your energy usage and reducing your impact on the planet. Make sure when you do purchase any new appliance that they Energy Star certified.  Renewable energy sources are often less efficient than fossil fuels which means that they might not be able to provide enough power for everybody, but cutting down your usage makes it less likely that companies will need to top up with fossil fuels.

Watch What You Buy

Even if you make the switch to renewable energy and cut down on your usage, you can’t control what businesses are doing when they manufacture products. A lot of them are going to be using energy from fossil fuels. If you buy their products, you’re encouraging them to make more and, in turn, use more fossil fuels. That’s why you need to buy eco-friendly products and do a bit of research into the companies and find ones that use renewable energy rather than fossil fuels.

Even though people think that they can’t make a difference on their own, they can. If enough people follow these rules, you can speed up the move toward renewable energy.

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