How to Eat Healthy When You’re Very Busy

Eating healthy is difficult enough at the best of times, but when you are very busy, it becomes even harder. Here are some tips that will help you to stick to a healthy eating plan, which will aid you in losing weight and avoiding illness.

1. Use weekends for meal prep

When you have days off work, it’s important to use that time wisely. Getting home late may mean you are too exhausted to cook properly and end up getting a takeaway or cooking a ready meal. Instead, you can prep your meals ahead of time for the full week and always have something healthy on hand. Make food in big batches and freeze it for later, marking on the lid of your storage boxes which day each meal is for. This will give you the chance to eat healthy after work, as you can simply reheat the food in the microwave and go.

2. Prepare healthy office snacks

If you go to work without food prepared, you are likely to go to a fast food place, café, or use your office cafeteria, none of which are healthy options. Instead, prepare food ahead of time. Snacks are also a big sticking point. You can be tempted into eating chocolate, crisps, mini cakes, and so on, especially when your co-workers offer them to you. Instead, bring healthy office snacks and store them in a cool bag in your desk. This way, you always have something healthy available when you feel the need to snack.

3. Focus on fresh fruit and veg

The great thing about fruit and vegetables is that they mostly require very little preparation. In fact, most of the time you can eat them raw with no problems. Make sure that you try to put as much fruit and vegetables into your diet as possible. Whether you put raw carrots on the side of your plate, quickly fry up some mushrooms in a dry pan, or slip an apple into your work bag every morning, these nutrient-rich foods will really help you out. You will save time on preparation and gain more energy from these healthy foods.

4. Subscribe to meal services

There are multiple companies offering meal services, where food is delivered to your door as a healthy alternative to takeaways. These can include grocery services which deliver all of the ingredients necessary for a recipe, or simply fully-cooked ready meals prepared by nutritionist chefs. Of course, these services can be pricey, but they can help you to tackle healthy eating without needing to shop around or cook for yourself. This can be really useful for those in high-powered roles whose jobs demand all of their energy.

5. Double up your time

As a working mother trying to gain a degree, for example, your time would be very stretched. But can really help to make that time for cooking. You can cook healthy food while watching a video tutorial, for example, by propping up your phone or tablet in the kitchen. Or you can entertain your kids by asking them to “help” cook – they don’t have to tackle anything difficult or dangerous, but can definitely be trusted to fetch ingredients and put them away again. Doing something else at the same time as cooking healthy food can help you make time for your diet.

It’s hard to make it work, but the effort will always be worth it. A healthy diet means more energy, a healthier and more attractive body, a longer lifespan, and a better quality of life overall.

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  1. Preparing meals ahead of time really helps a lot. I’ve been doing that for more than a year now.

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