How to Get the Most out of Your Retirement Years Through Organic Living!

Your post-retirement years should be a joyful time, one during which you can live your life at a slower pace that you could not afford before and try the things you never had time to. You won’t have to put up with the daily rush, the overnight plan changers and the insecurities of your younger self. However, in order to achieve a rather carefree routine, you must take big care of yourself, since your body will be much more sensitive after so many years of living. The continuous development of medical care for senior patients helps to improve life regardless of most illnesses, but prevention is still the key to well-being. Therefore, going green and organic living in your retirement years will have a positive impact on your health, on the environment and will surely decrease expenses on medical bills as well.

Living organically in your retirement years does not mean going off grid and spending your days in a cabin. An eco-friendly lifestyle can be achieved in the city as well, and by doing so you will enrich the urban atmosphere with greener homes, cleaner air and more diversity. You do not have to make a huge one-time leap and can instead take it step by step!

Give yourself time to adjust

Start with little changes that you can develop from one month to another. This is about your well-being, so it should be a gratifying process. Keep in mind, however, that it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit, so the shift will likely not happen overnight.Grow a small organic garden

Gardening activities are very relaxing, result in lower food costs and make your home look fresh and cozy. Urban agriculture will become a very important part of city life, because it improves air quality and decreases the carbon footprint. One disadvantage will be the increased need for large quantities of water, but you can try circumventing that through rainwater harvesting and other smart solutions.

Visit local farms in the planting and harvesting seasons


This way you can learn a few things about gardening and check the source of the food that’s coming into your local markets. A good tip is to only buy seasonal products and store them in the freezer. This way you’ll improve your diet with products that are pesticide free and cheap, while at the same time enjoying a trip to the countryside.

Prepare your own cleaners and cosmetics

That may sound difficult, but you can start with simple recipes for basic ingredients for cleaning detergents without bleach or ammonia. A lot of elderly people suffer from respiratory issues and organic products will aid them in staying healthy. Turn the making of more elaborate products into a socializing activity by inviting friends or family to join. Also, buy homemade items from local producers since it is cheaper and encourages the local economy as well.

Get rid of toxins

Clothing, bed linen, towels – most of them contain problematic substances. Look for safer alternatives in the organic section. They can be pretty expensive, but they last much longer.  Also, do not hesitate to purchase used clothing – it’s a great way to reduce your overall impact on the environment. 

Improve your life

You can also try other lifestyle improvements like downsizing to a smaller home, using public transportation and saving energy and water through more conscientious consumption. Keep in mind that this can also be seen as an investment into the future of the next generations. Add recreational activities to your organic choices, adapted to your health condition.

Walking, biking and hiking are pleasurable ways to keep active. What’s more, you can join an organic living club to attend workshops, exchange tips and get involved in environmentally-friendly activities like tree planting, yoga sessions and countryside trips. Socializing will improve your overall state of mind.

Living organically in your retirement years or at any time in your life is all about offering something back to nature by improving urban conditions and having a reduced environmental impact while at the same time helping yourself gain a more positive outlook on life in general. Last but not the least, do not forget to share your knowledge with your loved ones – it is a great way to spread positive habits and initiate activities that are enjoyable for all party’s.



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