Natural Probiotics in Foods & Facts That You Need to Know

Today my friends, I would like to discuss more about Probiotics and since we previously talked about what they are and why we need them let’s talk about how to accomplish the proper balance. This is very important to maintain and healthy digestive system and all over good health.

According to the Allergy Research Foundation the best probiotics you get are the ones the one you grow at home yourself.  If you choose to grow your own this is the cheapest and most effective way to give your gut what it needs. If you are interested in trying this please visit this link to making my own probiotics.

The best probiotics to take are those naturally present in your body that belong to the human gut. They are resistant to most acid and bile, and they implant in the lining of the gut.

What foods contain Probiotics?

Those that they found to be most effective are those milk ferments and live yogurts where the product is freshly made. Keeping bacteria alive is difficult and they do not survive dehydration and storage at room temperature.  Pasteurization has eliminated many of the probiotics that should be found in modern foods. Your best chance at eating live viable bacteria is to use live yogurts or drinks, even naturally fermented pickles and sauerkraut.

Probiotic compounds are found in fruits and vegetables, too. Bananas and artichokes are all good sources for probiotic compounds. For probiotic benefits, canned vegetables that have been fermented rather than pasteurized are a better option.

Alliums, especially onions and garlic, contain probiotic compounds. Leeks also contain some probiotic compounds. It’s fine to cook them, though you should avoid serving them with vinegar, which can kill the probiotics.

The truth is that many of us especially if we have health problems or food allergies cannot eat these foods that naturally have probiotics and they will not necessarily give you all the probiotics that you might need for your specific digestive system. So the next best choice is to take probiotics.

What should we look for in Probiotic?

Many preparation of probiotics are ineffective that are sold on the market.  When choosing a probiotic you need to look for products that list a specific strain of bacteria on their label, such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (the final letters identify the strain).  A product that just uses the first two names may include a similar, but not identical, bacterium that doesn’t have the same scientific testing behind it. It’s best when the actual product, not just the bacterium has been tested in humans. I would suggest that you do some research if you are not sure. Just do a google search and you should be able to find lots of information to help you.

Some other tips to remember is look for the word “live”on the package, since organisms killed by processing will not be helpful to your gut. Also check the expiration date because if they are expired they also will be of no benefit. Many probiotics need to be kept refrigerated to preserve the “live” organisms. You should try to consume a variety of different bacteria’s for the best benefits.  When supplementing your diet with a probiotic make sure that it has been formulated to your specific age or health conditions.

It is recommended by many health care providers that probiotics should be taken daily since many people eat processed foods or cooked foods as the main part of their diet and due to environmental  toxicity that our bodies are constantly exposed to.

To get the best benefits from probiotics they should be taken regularly, preferably daily. There is some debate among health professional as went is the best time to take probiotics, but most agree that at the very beginning of the meal gives is the best choice. Of course it also depends you the type and your health condition as to when and how you take them.  Lactic bacteria are sensitive to extreme acidity so it makes it easier for them to past through the stomach when the gastric juices are neutralized by food.

I believe it is a definite benefits for all of us to take probiotics and it is especially important if you have food allergies or other allergies, and other health conditions. Our bodies are exposed to some many toxins–environmental and foods that can be filled with GMO’s, pesticides, even when we think we are eating healthy we necessarily aren’t. Products are not labeled -what we don’t see is sometimes much more dangerous that what we do!  I hope this information has been helpful and can lead you in the right direction as and make the right choose for you personal needs. Always speak with your health-care provider before taking any medications or supplements for the proper guidance.

Quote of the Day:  Man maketh a death which Nature never made!                                              

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