How to Have an Environmentally Friendly Party!

When planning a party or any other type of get-together, it can be easy to forget about what is best for the environment in favor of quick and simple methods, resulting in waste and an increased carbon footprint.

It really doesn’t have to be difficult for your party to be eco-friendly and environmentally friendly – this can be achieved by making small alterations to the usual itinerary. With the advent of online birthday cards by Hallmark, even the guests can contribute to making your party as green as possible!

How to have and Eco-Friendly Party?

Party and Location

When having a party or get together it is good to consider its location – how far will your guests have to travel? If you can settle on a location that is within walking distance for the majority of your guests this may encourage more to ditch the car, producing less harmful CO2 emissions.

If you are planning a party in the warmer months of the year, picking a natural location such as a park or other types of greenery that present a fantastic opportunity for a picnic makes for great eco-friendly alternatives. Not only will this help your party to enjoy the fresh air, but will promote a healthier lifestyle.


With the technology that is around these days, there really is no need to waste paper on invitations and wait for an RSVP in the post. Facebook is the most popular means of setting up an event and inviting friends – this way invitations are sent automatically, popping up on their social feeds, and are able to advise their attendance quickly.

If social media isn’t necessarily your favorite method of communication, then sending a simple email saves having to write out numerous letters. All responses are saved and you don’t have to worry about losing any replies or forgetting who will be attending your eco-friendly party.


If you are looking to make use of decorations for your party then always try to invest in biodegradable or reusable items. Homemade decorations can save money and, depending on the material you use, can be used again and again for future use.

Decorations such as banners and table covers can be bought or made for multiple uses but, if needed; biodegradable disposable alternatives should be used. Alternatively, consider passing on any unwanted decorations to a charity shop, especially if recycling is not an option but there is still plenty of life left.


You may be the one looking in a charity shop for a cheap second-hand table cloth – not only will this help you save money, but you will also be giving back and helping those less fortunate.

Always look for linen cloth as opposed to plastic as this will save you from going out and buying a new table cloth each time you are hosting. After your guests have gone home simply put your table cloth in the washing machine and it will be good as new for next time. If, however, your cloth has been permanently stained then no bother – it was only a cheap second-hand purchase from the charity shop.


Falling in the realm of decorations, balloons are popular for parties – especially children’s birthdays – but they also represent the most wasteful of party traditions.

Unless made from 100% latex, balloons are not biodegradable and are harmful to the planet, particularly if they are allowed to take flight and land wherever. Also, if a balloon is able to take flight in such a manner it means that a portion of the environment’s limited helium supply has been wasted.

To make use of balloons in an eco-friendly manner, invest in 100% latex biodegradable balloons and fill with air, tying with a piece of string to sit on a piece of furniture.

Healthy Organic Food

The chances of everyone at your party eating carrot sticks is low, but presenting organic options so as they are appealing and tasty will be a massive hit. Fruit salads and sandwiches are always popular party foods; although so are other traditionally more unhealthy options such as cake and pizza.

It is possible to supply foods that aren’t considered to be part of a healthy and balanced diet by using organic ingredients – this way your guests will be delighted with the array of options available.


At the end of the party, once your guests have made a move, it is time to collect the rubbish and tidy up. If you have used disposable tableware, ensure that it is made from biodegradable materials so as you are able to recycle as opposed to simply throwing away.

Anything that can be used again should be stored away – washed if needed – and any leftover food that is still edible should also be packaged up and stored, but not for too long otherwise you run the risk of unwanted bacteria in your home.

Following the above steps will see you go some way to hosting a fun and an  eco-friendly and environmentally friendly party that all of your guests will enjoy.



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  2. Hi Marla,
    These are great green party tips. I love the idea of using email or social media invitations, second hand items, organic food and homemade decorations. of course, recycling is vital. I like to use reusable dishes instead of disposables. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful ways to host a fun yet environmentally friendly party at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

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