How to Make Your Own DIY Face Moisturizer

It’s no secret that the proper skincare routine can make all the difference in the world as far as your complexion is concerned. And although the synthetic compounds found in store-bought creams are efficient in their own ways, nothing quite beats the benefits of organically nourishing ingredients made from your own DIY face moisturizer.

This is where a DIY face moisturizer comes in handy. With the right combination of carrier oils, essential oils, aloe vera gel, and shea butter, you can obtain an organic formula that is affordable and efficient. There are quite a few ways to go about this, and in time you can even tweak your own formula to find the perfect one.

In this article, we will present you with information about hydrating the face naturally, as well as instructions on how to make a basic face cream at home. With the help of a few simple steps, you can achieve healthy skin in the blink of an eye.


DIY face moisturizer


Hydrating the Face Naturally

Skipping out on moisturizing the complexion leads to plenty of unpleasant consequences. Not only does it age the skin prematurely, but it can also worsen those few wrinkles you might already have. It also aggravates acne, causes irritation, and creates an overall dull and flaky aspect to the skin. Needless to say, nobody wants that.

Simply put, maintaining adequate hydration levels is the key towards a healthy, glowing, and youthful complexion. There are plenty of face creams on the market ripe with synthetic compounds that have been specially designed to serve this purpose. However, Mother Nature will always possess the best remedies.

By applying an all-natural formula locally, you will reduce the risk of irritation and breakouts. Lab-created ingredients are far more likely to cause an unwanted reaction at the level of the skin. fortunately, you can avoid this by making your own face moisturizer. With the help of just a few basic items, the end result will be amazing, and affordable as well.

DIY Moisturizer Recipe

Whipping up your own moisturizer is easy enough with the right ingredients. The most commonly used ones are shea butter, almond oil, beeswax, aloe vera gel, vitamin E, and essential oils. Depending on what you choose to add to the mix, you will achieve varying results. For a fast and easy face cream that you can make at home, try the following recipe.


  • ½ cup almond oil;
  • ¼ cup coconut oil;
  • ¼ cup beeswax;
  • 2 tbsp shea butter;
  • 1 tsp vitamin E oil;
  • essential oils;
  • and a hint of vanilla extract.


Keep in mind that the almond oil can be substituted for jojoba oil, or any other beneficial carrier. In the same vein, cocoa butter works just as well as shea, depending on what you have available.

As for the essential oils, they are meant to give a pleasant scent to the mixture, as well as add bonus properties to the cream, so choose them after your own taste.


To begin the process, you will either need a double boiler, or a heatproof glass bowl placed on top of a steamer. Add the almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter to the container and let them melt together. Once they acquire a liquid consistency, stir well to incorporate. After this, integrate the other ingredients as well, such as the vitamin E oil, vanilla, and so on.

Store it in a jar for no more than six months and use regularly. This moisturizer is best suited for dry skin, as it is oily and rich. If you want a lighter formula that is better suited for acne-prone skin, substitute the coconut oil for aloe vera gel, and add essential oils that are suitable for this skin type, such as lime, geranium, lavender, or tea tree.

This particular recipe will create a lotion-like cream that is light and liquid. If you prefer a whipped texture to your face products, all you need is a food mixer. After melting the ingredients together, allow them to cool. You can speed the process up by setting the bowl in a larger bowl filled with ice cubes.

Due to the shea butter in the lotion, whipping it to a pleasant and foamy consistency is rather easy. After you’ve achieved a texture you are happy with, you can repeat the step mentioned above for proper storage. Enjoy!

The Bottom Line

Maintaining adequate hydration levels to the skin is essential if you want to prevent premature aging and keep the complexion healthy and glowing. To avoid irritation, it’s best to use natural ingredients. Mixing them together to make your own moisturizer is easy, and the formula can be easily tweaked to cater to your specific set of needs as well.

TIP: You might want to try some diy fresh face spray to freshen up throughout the day after you have hydrated and moisturizer your face to keep looking your best throughout the day with a natural healthy pure face spray.

If you  have any tips or favorite skincare recipes that you would like to share please leave them in the comment section.

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