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Today my friends, I would like to discuss how you can help the environment, promote your company, be eco-friendly, and save money all at once. I am talking about recycled bags, eco-friendly drinkware, stainless steel water bottles, seeded bookmarks, paper, cards, eco pens, eco USB drives, eco apparel, biodegradable and many other green products.

The company that can help you do all this is Factory Direct Promos--A company that has an exceptionally reasonable cost and devoted to helping the environment by recycling, reusing products. These are made available to help promote you company, with your choice of custom design while promoting a green lifestyle.

Whether you are a retailers, wholesalers, non profits, schools, small and large corporations they offer complete in-house design services.

Why should you use Factory Direct Promos:

  • to meet all of your marketing needs with unlimited creative options
  • they work diligently to satisfy their customer needs whatever they might be
  • they are Fully Complaint with all government regulations and conduct a Product Acceptance Test to ensure high quality and integrity of the product
  • Comply with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, California’s Proposition 65, the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA) and Toxins in Packaging Prevention Act (Tippa).
  • They have a ethical and socially compliant factory ensuring that their workers are never denied their fundamental rights, including no child labor, a safe environment and reasonable hours

Factory Direct Promos has over 15 years experience and started its Eco Life Brand with a vision to manufacture environmentally friendly products that will help companies large and small do their part to help:

  • Reduce pollution
  • Reduce landfill waste
  • Reduce toxic releases
  • Reduce demand on forests
  • Reduce energy consumption

Why should you use eco-friendly, recyclable products instead of toxic plastics:

  •  free from the worry of the health risks of BPA contamination and other toxins – Plastics can cause fertility and reproductive problems. Almost all plastics contain that have a negative effect on immunity and hormone regulation, both of which directly affect fertility.
  •  Plastic is one of the most rampant pollutants – It has been estimated that 6.8 billion people consume over a trillion plastic shopping bags in a span of just one year.
  •  According to the US Energy Administration  in 2006 about 331 million barrels of liquid petroleum gases (LPG) and natural gas liquids (NGL) were used to make plastic products in the US which is equal to about 4.6% of total U.S. petroleum consumption.
  • Approximately 19.2 billion kilowatt-hours was used to generate electricity to make plastic products
  •  most plastics in the world is not recycled and usually ends up in landfills, where it degrades very slowly. “Since the 1950s, one billion tons of plastic have been discarded and may persist for hundreds or even thousands of years.”

Their recycled bags and products have choices of various materials that include:

1. Jute the most environmentally friendly fabric:

  • jute plant is also one of the simplest, and lowest impact, textile crops to cultivate
  • it is fast-growing plant – only takes a few months to grow up to 12-feet
  • uses a minimum of water
  • no pesticide or fertilizer required
  • jute leaves are a valuable fertilizer
  • the stems can be used for cooking fuel
  • helps to prevent deforestation of tropical forests
  • which is known for its strength and durability
  • its low-cost

2. Bamboo a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative:

  • In its natural environment bamboo does not require pesticides, herbicides, or irrigation
  • is also antimicrobial in its natural state–helps to prevent the growth of microorganisms, like bacteria or fungus

3. Cotton that is:

  • Strong
  • Biodegradable
  • eco-friendly
  • renewable
  • the ultimate green material

4. Polypropylene non woven bags:

  • is considered by some the new miracle fabric
  • recyclable plastic fabric that is a practical because it is strong, but soft and extremely lightweight so it is convenient to carry
  • promote a greener earth because they are reusable, easy to clean

I would just like to urge you or your company to contact Factory Direct Promo @ the next time your business is thinking about promoting or just giving gifts to your customers or employees. It not only shows you concern for our environment, the future of our planet and the legacy we leave for our children, but it shows that you care about your customers or employees and their health and well-being by providing a product that is healthy for all concerned.

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