Is Senna Tea an Effective Herbal Laxative Drink


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A herb which has compounds called anthraquinones and is 60 cm in length with leaflets colored yellowish-green to pale olive is known as Senna. The aforementioned leaflets and seeds are selected carefully and dried with the purpose of brewing them into tea afterwards. Arabian doctors since the 9th century AD have used it for its health benefits and it is rumored that it was also used to fight skin diseases, indigestion, infection, fever, dysentery, bronchitis,etc.  The Egyptian physicians used to treat their royal and elite patients with Senna to defy respiratory, skin and liver issues. When Renaissance came, Senna started becoming known as a laxative worldwide.

The organic compounds present in Senna is works as an herbal laxative by mending the muscles as the food which is digested passes through the intestines. This assists in enhancing the volume of the stool and getting it out of the colon. The procedure takes place due to the chain of fatty acids that foster fermentation, digestion and also successfully transforms the glycosides into a laxative.

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It is used usually by people who are experiencing constipation. People who are undergoing the same experience should take half teaspoon of Senna in liquid form or they can also have it as a capsule (50 or 100 mg). After its intake, a bowel movement is guaranteed within six to 12 hours. Since Senna tastes unpleasant in its natural form, it is recommended that one mixes it with another flavor of tea. Senna tea in the form of teabags are available in health food stores but for people who prefer it in the form of loose leaves should note that it needs to be steeped in a pot filled with boiling water for around ten minutes.  If the water is cold, then they can be steeped in it for 10 to 12 hours. Cold water has its benefits as very less amount of resin would be left in the tea as a result of which the chance of getting a abdominal cramp will be minimized. Irrespective of any method, once the tea is ready for consumption,  strain it and then drink all that is there. Have patience and you will start to see the effects after about 12 hours. Generally it is advised to take it before going to sleep at night so that when you wake up the next day, you are cured! Leaky gut often leads to digestive discomfort and so you should get some Gut Support.

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Health Benefits of Senna tea:

  • Apart from giving relief when you are constipated, it also helps in reducing weight. In the herbal version of some of the weight loss teas out there, Senna is included. Granted that it will help in your weight loss but it can cause serious health issues if taken for more than 7 days in a row.
  • It not only decreases your appetite, it also assists food to transport itself quickly through the intestine before the calories and nutrients have a chance to get absorbed in your body.
  • Since Senna is a cleansing tea, it can be used for expelling intestinal worms and other poisons from your body.
  • In case you are having a colonoscopy being performed on you, then it is extremely useful. Drink this tea before you take the test as it would cleanse your intestines thoroughly and thus the doctor would have an easy time to analyze your body.

Every good thing comes with certain cons including Senna tea.

Some of them are:

  1. It might decrease your potassium levels and so its best not to take them with diuretics which also have the same notorious reputation since a low potassium level leads to not only physical fatigue but it also causes changes in the heart rhythm.
  2. An adverse reaction might occur if you take it in with other herbs. Senna can stimulate the influence of these other herbs and your body might get confused and react adversely as a result.
  3. Its quick absorption deprives your body of its necessary nutrients .

Note:  It should be completely avoided if you are pregnant , have diseases related to the kidney or liver, you are prone to nausea, dehydration, or if you have an ulcer.





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  2. My son, who is 3, occasionally gets constipated. It used to happen quite a bit more, and I believe it’s because his gut is still healing from antibiotics during his first year. (It’s a long story, but they were very necessary, unfortunately.) I bet he would be too young for something like this though. We can usually get him to go if he runs around a bit. It’s been a long, slow journey with his tummy though. I’ll be thankful when we can get it healed. Thank you for this article, I keep senna in mind if it ever gets really bad around here. And thanks for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop!

    1. HI Jennifer,
      Sorry to hear about your son. I sure hope your able to get his gut healed so that he can grow up healthy. They say that the gut is the second brain so it is really important that he gets the proper balance of flora and healthy digestion system. Glad to be a part of Homestead Blog hop. Have a healthy happy blessed New Year.

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