It’s Easy Being Green: 6 Business-Oriented Benefits of Eco-Friendly Practices!

Transitioning your organization to a “green business” is easier than you think.

It starts with committing your organization to having a sustainable future. It also requires that the leaders and employees within the organization recognize the benefits and the long-term rewards with having that vision.

The benefits for an organization are plentiful. Here are a few of the benefits that can be expected by transitioning to an eco-friendly business.

Good PR opportunities

It can be tough for most businesses to get good PR because they don’t have a story to share with their local journalists. However, by committing to and implementing an eco-friendly business model, the business can tap into story angles such as “sustainability” or “human interest” in order to have their business promoted in a PR story.

This will generate free exposure and publicity, which can potentially attract more leads and sales for the business.

Cost savings

When eco-friendly measures are implemented correctly in an organization, they can cut costs significantly. There are a few ways businesses can approach this.

  1. They take advantage of eco-friendly technology that can help their organization improve its sustainability objectives. For example, organizations that retrofit their business with LED lighting tend to reduce their lighting overheads by 40% or more per year. These cost savings can then be reinvested into the business for future growth.


  1. They can take advantage of specialist organizations or agencies who can manage certain sustainable activities within the organization. For example, partnering with suppliers of printer cartridges, who also have a collection program for when the ink cartridges reach the end of their life-cycle, will save the organization time and resources that’s needed to manage that process internally.

Healthier workplace

An eco-friendly office contributes to a healthier workplace, which means the organization as a whole will be more productive. Unhealthy employees can cost an organization hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars every year.

Businesses that encourage sustainable initiatives tend to have a healthier workforce that can produce more at a lower cost, thus improving the organization’s profitability.

Minimizes waste

It’s very easy for the people within the organization to adopt wasteful habits if they aren’t provided with eco-friendly options. For example, organizations that provide disposable items such as utensils, cups and towels will see their organization accumulate and dispose of a large amount of waste everyday.

Organizations should actually aim to implement a “zero waste” strategy, that should see used items or resources have a second life either by being reused or recycled.

Improve your organization’s brand image

Businesses are in an age where image is key, especially if the business is keen to attract new investors. A Goldman Sachs study revealed that companies in six industries considered leaders in environmental social and governance policies outperformed the general stock market by 25%; according to — “

It’s also believed to help maintain employee retention due to the organization being committed to environmental goals.

It can increase your organization’s competitive advantage

Your organization’s commitment to sustainable objectives can be the differentiating factor that allows the business to win more tenders, customers or projects. By positioning the organization as a leader in this area, the business should attract more commercial and partnership opportunities.

Designing an eco-friendly business doesn’t have to be difficult. And the thought that the initial costs will outweigh the long-term benefits doesn’t stand true. There are already several businesses that have implemented sustainable initiatives and are already reaping the rewards for their commitment. Make the switch for the better. The benefits are there for the taking.

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