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"Organic Kefir For Your Health"Part of living a healthy lifestyle means eating healthy, organic foods and making sure your diet is filled with the nutritious food to provide you optimal health and support your whole body.  Adding raw organic yogurt or kefir can have many health benefits and they are more nutritious than milk. Cultured dairy is much higher in B vitamins and Vitamin C, plus the protein is the very highest quality available in human consumption. This is truly a superfood!

Let’s concentrate on the health benefits of raw organic kefir.

Kefir originated in ancient times when Eastern nomadic shepherds discovered that fresh milk carried in leather pouches would eventually ferment into a delicious beverage. The work “kefir” is believed to originate from another Turkish word keif which means “good feeling” and that is exactly what you will feel when you drink kefir, a sense of well-being and health.

According to Dr. Willian Campbell Douglass, author of “The Milk Book” yogurt and kefir can help to balance the microorganisms in the gut and may support the cardiovascular and immune systems as well. As according to Canadian researcher Edward R. Farnworth, clinical studies have shown that kefir supports the immune system, balances microflora in the gut, and supports healthy cholesterol levels already in the normal range.

To find kefir you usually need to go to a natural food store or health food store, but it is well worth the effort. Raw, organic whole milk kefir is a tart tasting thick beverage that contains natural occurring bacteria and yeast. One great way to add it to your diet is making a tasty smoothie.

Healthy Kefir Fruit Smoothie

  • 8 ounces of kefir
  • 1/2 to 1 cup of frozen blackberries, strawberries, raspberries of other fruits (what suits your fancy)

Combine all ingredients into a blender or small food processor and blend until texture is smooth and drinkable.

This is a great breakfast drink or a delicious snack that the kids are sure to love. Kefir is raw food that is filled a wealth of health that can benefit your immune system and digestive system in so many ways. It balances and regulates your whole body to fight disease and illness. If your gut is healthy, your immune system will stay healthy and you will be able to fight off colds, flu, help to eliminate or reduce allergies, your hair, skin, and nails will be smoother and healthier! Raw organic kefir is a delicious natural organic food that can supply you with good health and vitality!

Live Natural, Live Organically, Live Healthy, And Live Long!

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Sources: The Raw Truth  Author: Jordan Rubin

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  1. Keeping our gut’s microorganisms in balance is so key to good health. Great post Marla!

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