Lawn Mower Vs Grass Cutter – Everything You Need To Know

Lawn care is a comprehensive field that involves plenty of machinery and tools. Maintaining your lawn in good condition implies a little education on what to expect from each tool. To many newbies, there are no differences between a lawn mower vs grass cutter. To an experienced user, there are both differences and similarities.

The Concept Behind Lawn Mowers

Mowers are responsible for keeping grass growth under control. You cut it at the same height, so you keep it good-looking, healthy and thick. There are more types of mowers out there, as well as multiple classification criteria. Some people opt for electric models, while others rely on petrol fueled units. You can just as well find manual products. If your garden is not too large, you can use a battery powered lawn mower.

Automatic models come with rotating blades to cut the surface of the grass as you move them around. If you have a small lawn, you obviously don’t need a powerful unit. On the other hand, petrol fueled models are more suitable to large lawns. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of convenience – you simply don’t want to do any physical work, but just ride a machine and let it do the job.

Learning how to maintain your lawn mower for a healthy and natural lawn is important to keep your lawn looking it best no matter what type of mower you choose,

The Concept Behind Grass Cutters

Sometimes referred to as trimmers, grass cutters are mostly recommended for finishing the lawn. When you trim the lawn, it’s like giving it a nice manicure after cutting nails. It comes with a string that works at stunning speeds. It’s extremely sharp and trims hedges for a good-looking result.

Just like lawn mowers, grass cutters can be electric or petrol powered. Each option carries the same pluses and minuses. The petrol option is efficient and comfortable, but it also allows continuity. It’s loud though and it also exposes you to unhealthy fumes. On the other hand, electric options are quiet and clean, but you risk running out of power in the middle of action and wasting energy.

Grass cutters work perfectly in small and hardly accessible areas, such as around shrubs and fences.

Similarities between Lawn Mowers and Grass Cutters

Both machines will keep your lawn in a good-looking condition. They both play a massive role in DIY maintenance. They allow keeping the grass at the optimal height, eliminating weeds and aerating turf.

Their varieties are also common – electric (whether corded or cordless), gasoline powered or manual.

Differences between lawn Mowers and Grass Cutters

The general idea is pretty simple – a grass cutter does what a lawn mower cannot do. The same rule applies the other way around.

Lawn mowers are efficient and powerful. Managing your entire lawn with a grass cutter will prove to be challenging. But then, try using the mower around a tree or a shrub. Chances are you’ll damage the blade or the shrub. The same goes for the fences. You can’t go too close to them, so there will always be an area that mowers cannot touch.

That’s when the grass cutter comes in – to handle the borderline and ensure a good-looking edge.

Part of living green is making sure maintain your lawn in a healthy and most natural way possible. Good lawn care practices includes regular mowing, trimming, feeding your lawn with an organic fertilizer, and proper soil maintenance. The health of your lawn will naturally improve and resist weeds and pest when it cared for properly.  Whatever tools you use — mowers or grass cutters make sure it is the right one for your specific needs.


Bottom line, it depends what you expect from your DIY maintenance procedures. A mower will achieve more and the cutting part can be done manually. Check out these reviews by Verellenhc to understand more on obtaining the best lawn mower. A grass cutter on the other hand won’t allow you too much manual work if you want to trim the whole lawn. They share similarities and have many differences, but most importantly, they work perfectly together in lawn maintenance.

How do you care for your lawn? Do you have any tips or ideas that work well for good lawn maintenance?

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