Live Green! Stay Green! Work Green!

living-green10 Practical and Eco-Value Ways to Improve Oneself Professionally

In a common company setup, all employees professionally work together to give the best outcome. A common company is composed of several workers such as the president, vice president, directors, workers compensation attorney, auditors, and common employees. Each of them serves as a good model for others to follow.

With the increasing awareness of having a greener and more sustainable living, more companies encourage their employees to participate in the simplest yet impactful ways. Most of these are easy to implement, cost little or no money at all and can have a great impact on the environment and natural resources.

How to Live Green

1. Commute smarter

  • Walking and biking to work is often seen as a way to save money and to get some exercise. It also helps and protects the environment since these activities give the lowest carbon option for travelling to work.

  • Taking public transportation allows one to relax, read or nap during the travel from home to office. It also gives one quality time to watch people, meet neighbors, avoid traffic and save money.

  • Carpooling or car sharing is a system offered to commuters making a similar journey into a single car. This reduces each person’s travel costs which include fuel costs and tolls as well as environmental hazards due to less emission.

2. Waste less

  • Setting and using double sided printing or duplex printing default is the easiest way to reduce paper usage. This will reduce the cost while conserving the natural resources through reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Electronic documents allow easy access anywhere through different devices compared to hard copies. The digital files such as emails, power point presentations and e-subscriptions are stored and retrieved more efficiently.

  • Switching to cloth towels and napkins made from recycled and/or hemp, linen or organic cotton should be considered. The cloth towels and napkins are washable to keep thousands of paper products out of the landfill.

3. Conserve water

  • Use stainless steel commuter cup instead of plastic water bottles to reduce waste, save money and maintain a healthy body. Stainless steel lasts longer reducing one’s grocery budget. The stainless material is also healthier compared to plastic chemicals.

  • Keeping a pitcher of water in the fridge instead of running the tap can save energy, water and one’s health. Water in the pitcher can be kept for a couple of weeks.

  • Don’t pour water down the drain. Reuse wastewater by using them in watering the plants. This will allow usage of fewer water sources and at the same time reduce water bills.


  • Choose foods that are local, organic and sustainable for meetings, lunches, and catered events. Support local business since they offer the freshest ingredients in the market. These businesses care for the environment and conduct their procedures in an environmentally responsible way.

  • Get rid of toxic cleaners in the office kitchens and bathrooms. Most of the cleaners commercially available in the market contain harmful chemicals. Making of natural cleaners from simple, natural and inexpensive ingredients can be considered.

  • Add plants to your workspace. Plants add beauty in the workplace for better work environment. It also allows air filtering in the environment for cleaner air thus reducing the risk of sickness. Studies also revealed that plants help reduce stress allowing increase productivity.

How to Stay Green

5. Green your transportation

  • Green transportation involves an effective and efficient resource utilization involved in vehicle modifications. This allows for a better environment, aids in good health and saves time and money.

6. Go chemical free

  • Avoid using disposable containers. The chemical compositions of these containers are commonly made from toxic substances that are bad for the health and the environment.

7. Green your personal care

  • Use natural and organic products for a healthy skin and body. This prevents chances of irritations and possible side-effects. These products are also eco-friendly for better management of the environment.

How to Work Green

8. Green sleeves

  • Green sleeves can be achieved by getting clothes from thrift shops as they offer a great range of wonderfully looking clothes. For new clothes, choose the ones made with organic and recycled fibers.

  • Avoid clothes that need to be dry-cleaned to save energy and preserve the clothes beauty. However, if deemed necessary, choose dry cleaners that are locally green or energy savers.

9. Work from home

  • Use innovative workflow tools like instant messaging and video conferencing for an effective communication with the group. This will save travel time from work to office.

  • Change working schedules from five eight-hour days to four ten-hour days. This will save time and energy spent commuting and giving more rest days.

10. Redesign the workspace

  • There are limitless possibilities in greening the work space. Changing furniture used with locally manufactured from recycled materials can be done.

  • Replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent and high end LED desk lamps can also be considered to save energy.

  • Providing good ventilation and low VOC paints and materials for better air quality should be considered for the employee’s welfare and good health.

There are a lot more ways to go green. Proper education is the key to successfully achieve the goal of a green and sustainable living. Start with yourself. Be an inspiration and a model to others. Get them involved and make a difference.



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