Health & Environmental Benefits of Organic foods and Farming


"Organic a Better Way to Go"

Let’s talk about Organic Foods and the many health and environmental benefits.

Health and Nutritional Benefits of Organic Foods:

  • Such as higher trace minerals, vitamin C, and antioxidant phytonutrients.
  • Does not expose your body to persistent toxic chemical inputs such as pesticides
  • Reduces cancer rates–90% of all fungicides, and 30% of all insecticides that are known carcinogens

Supporting data:

The US Department of Agriculture is just one of the official food composition tables that reveal since the 1940’s that the mineral levels in fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy have declined substantially in convention foods.  Some of the results are because most of the food is (pre-ripened) picking, longer storage, and more processing of crops. So should we be surprised that we have lost a lot of the nutrients in our food from 60 years ago?

There is much evidence that confirms that phytonutrients is higher in organic produce because crops rely more on their own defense. Chemical pesticides are not regularly being applied as they are in conventional produce. A recent review of this subject estimated that organic produce will tend to contain 10-50% higher phytonutrients than conventional produce. Many of the these phytonutrients contain antioxidants.

Artificial fertilization associated with conventional crops produces lush growth by swelling produce with more water.  Organic food has more “dry matter” on a pound for pound basis.  One reason for this is that there are higher levels of nutrient in organic food.

Research by the American nutritionist Virginia Worthington has confirmed that based on current dietary patterns, the difference can be enough to help you achieve the recommended daily allowances for certain nutrients that you might not otherwise consume.

I have given only a few of many very important reasons to Go Organic. Now you make the choice! Do you want your family eating foods with toxic chemicals that have known carcinogens or do you want to fed them nutritious foods that will help to help keep them healthy and live a long fulfilling life?  I know what I choose!

Organic for life!!!

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