Natural Bug Repellent That’s Safe for Your Skin

Who doesn’t love a summer camping trip? Roasting marshmallows by the fire, hiking to a peak that oversees all of the park’s beauty, and star gazing are often the highlight of many family camping trips. These moments can be warming to look back on and share with the next generation.

However, with camping comes a few headaches. One that concerns almost everyone: irritated skin caused by chemical infused insect repellents. A familiar bug repellent used in the United States is DEET. Personal Creations reveals over 25% of Americans stated they did not trust DEET repellents due to the repellent’s formula. This can make family camping trips stressful and uncomfortable for many.

A safe way to prevent bug bites is creating your own natural bug repellent. Essential oils and dried herbs are the base to natural repellent recipes because they have many skin benefits while still keeping bugs away. For example, thyme provides your body with daily doses of vitamins A and C and peppermint can calm rashes. Other common natural insect repellent ingredients include lavender and cinnamon oil.

From Lavender Breeze to Cinnamon Rush, Personal Creations organizes five natural bug repellent recipes in an infographic. Each recipe is categorized as pregnancy safe, pet-friendly or calming for sensitive skin. This makes this infographic a great tool to finding the best natural bug repellent for you and your family.

Lavender Breeze is made from four simple ingredients: lavender and lemon essential oils, witch hazel and water. Simply combine all the ingredients in a small mixing bowl, pour into a spray bottle and you’re good to go! This natural bug repellent recipe can help you worry less on family camping trips, and start enjoying the happy moments more.

Ultimately, going natural keeps people in control of the ingredients and chemicals they spray on their bodies. This allows many to avoid harmful products and improve their skin’s overall health.

At your next outdoor activity, try making a DIY bug repellent and see the results for yourself!

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2 thoughts on “Natural Bug Repellent That’s Safe For Your Skin”

  1. Hi Marla! I too love organic and non toxic products. Any time I can make it and it’s affective I use it! Currently we get our less toxic products from Melaleuca they’re amazing! I will try some of these out. Not the lavender one though I would think the floral would attract more mosquitoes. They love anything floral perfume or women in general lol. Thank you for this article!

    1. HI Felicia,
      So glad to hear that you are into organic, non-toxic products and make your own. I have heard good things about Melaleuca. The lavender does not draw the mosquitoes just as bugs don’t like the smell of peppermint too. I hope you do try some of these DIY recipes. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed.

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