Natural Ways Baby Can Have a Good Night Sleep!

Sleeping is necessary for all human beings and a good night sleep can ensure a healthy and happier routine for the next day. Proper sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep can bring about an array of health issues and it is essential that you know a few tips and tricks for putting babies to sleep. It is definitely necessary to make sure that babies have a good sleep regularly, otherwise it will adversely affect their growth and general health development. When your baby doesn’t get enough sleep neither does Mommy which in turn makes an unhappy baby and a frustrated Mother.  A baby needs to have good night sleep and parents must ensure that it is done naturally for healthy development. Below is some tips that can help your baby get a good night sleep!

To breast feed the baby is required

The mother’s milk contains all the essential nutrients that a baby requires in his / her early days of life. This fulfils baby’s  appetite and gives baby the best nutrition before bedtime. Breastfeeding is always recommended before a baby is put to sleep.

Thermoregulation of the room

The room temperature must be optimum for a good sleep. In tropical countries where the ambience is too hot, kids cannot bear with the heat and therefore, coolers or air conditioners are always suggested to be installed. In colder countries, a heater that will keep a healthy and consistent temperature is a must for the room where your baby sleeps.

Comfortable clothes

Soft clean organic cotton clothes, blankets and bedding is the best choice for your baby’s comfort for a better night sleep. The bed must be comfortable with a mattress that is soft and even without any bumps. Avoid soft toys or woollens laying around on the baby rocking cradle or bed that could cause your baby to roll over and possibly choke or suffocate themselves.

Hunger is not good before sleep

Fulfilling a child’s appetite is of utmost importance before he / she is put to sleep. An empty stomach can cause the child to wake up and can disturb their sleep. Feeding the child right before its bedtime is recommended.

To have a fixed bedtime is always suggested

A fixed routine is a necessity and can make a big difference when it comes to quality of sleep. Going to bed and waking up at fixed times is scientifically proven to give babies and anyone a better quality of sleep and helps provide all over health and wellness. Regular bedtime balances the sleeping and the waking hours. Lullabies can work wonders for babies. For a toddler, bedtime stories are good before putting them to bed so they can get a restful night sleep.

Correct posture of sleeping

When putting your child to bed make sure you lie them down on their back – this is the safest sleeping position according to Healthy Children. The American Academy of Pediatric claims that this could avoid SIDS the leading cause of infant defeat in the US. A baby should never be lied down upside down or sideways.

Other arrangements

  • A smoke free sleeping environment is absolutely necessary for a baby. A baby is sensitive to pollutants in the air and also can sense, smell smoke quickly. Clean unpolluted air for baby is a must for a restful and peaceful night sleep.


  • The baby must have a habit of falling asleep in its own crib or bed for a good night sleep. Sometimes mothers are into the habit of rocking the child in her arms and then putting them in their crib for the rest of the night; but this not a good habit to start because it will affect the child sleep later.


  • The baby must have comfortable clothes. Soft mattress, soft pillows suitable for babies. Avoid having hard or sharp objects or heavy materials around the baby crib to avoid injury. A crib should be the proper size for your child. It should not be too small and not too large. A well fitted crib with a well fitted mattress is good for a baby.


  • A baby should be sleeping with its parents (in the same room) or nearby for at least the first few months. There is an array of sleeping bags available in the market for babies and small children that can cover the body of a child and wrap it up with suitable, soft, comfortable fabrics without the risk of covering the child’s head and face. This can also help keep the baby in proper sleeping position and when your baby is comfortable a more restful sleep will be possible.


  • Also rocking a child for a while before bedtime can help your baby sleep better. Regularized bedtime routine can ensure a good nap as well. Making the baby feel the time difference of the day time and the night time is crucial. This is important because falling asleep at night automatically has to be made a habit. It is also important that daytime naps are on a regular schedule and time. Taking naps at different times of the day can adversely affect your child too. Babies generally fall asleep fast in a baby pram. Maybe it’s something you should have for your baby to keep them safe, healthy and to make sure that get the best night sleep possible!


Make sure your child has a healthy start in life. Following regular sleeping schedules and the natural tips above can help give them a good healthy start in life and a happier future. Give them the best change at living a healthy lifestyle with proper sleeping habits and healthy eating habits.

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