Natural Ways to Help You Quit Electronic Cigarette Smoking

There’s a new craze in the smoking industry, and this time the products come with batteries or plugs. This new craze is the electronic cigarette, or more popularly known as an e-cigarette. This new type of smoke is said to be a safer and a better replacement for the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Studies show, though, that electronic cigarettes can actually help people quit smoking tobacco completely. Sadly, this alternative to traditional cigarette smoking can be addictive and has negative effects on one’s body. This is why most doctors still advise people to quit smoking them. However, it can be hard to quit habits, and quitting electronic cigarette smoking is included in that.

Here are some all-natural tips on quitting that don’t require pills, medicine, special gums or patches.

1. Exercise regularly.

Exercising regularly can aid you physically and psychologically. Getting daily exercise can help your body adjust to quitting smoking electronic cigarettes. Moving your body aids in curbing your cravings. If you keep moving, your mind will forget its urge to puff a cloud of smoke or two. This helps you fight off the symptoms of withdrawal.exercise for a natural way to quit smoking

You can try these exercises if you want to quit smoking naturally:

Total body workouts

Most total body workouts take time to get done; they aid you by keeping you busy and keeping your mind off your smoking habits. Working out your whole body can help you regulate your different muscles and strengthen your bones.


Walking is easy, and you can start it and then ramp up to harder exercises. You can start walking for a couple of kilometers or miles for a couple of weeks, then slowly add a few to increase your overall distance. Walking has a relaxing effect on your whole body, easing any leftover tension from quitting smoking.

2. Get massages.

There have been studies that show that massage therapy can be helpful to your quitting efforts in a lot of ways. A massage can help your body relax while also helping you stop yourself from puffing an electronic cigarette. Studies also show that most people who smoke are experiencing stress, which can be easily be remedied by a massage. It can also help you resist smoking.

3. Change your diet.

There are specific drinks and foods that can aid you in your quest to stop smoking e-cigarettes.

Fruits that are rich in Vitamin C

When you smoke cigarettes, your body’s vitamin C is lowered. Thus, years of smoking can cause you to become deficient in change to diet to quit smokingVitamin C. However, if you pump yourself full of vitamin C, you can kick that smoking habit away.


Some vegetables can make electronic cigarettes taste bitter after consumption. You can eat vegetables like carrots, eggplant, celery and celery to help you quit.


Milk can affect the way electronic cigarette smoke tastes in your mouth. If you drink milk before you puff, the cigarette will end up leaving a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. Since nobody likes the bitter taste, you may end up hating cigarettes because of milk.

4. Get professional help.

When you stop smoking, you often need help from people who are trained to help with this. You may think that it’s uncomfortable to talk with another person about your struggle to quit, but you should know that getting help from a professional can increase your success rate.

Quitting smoking requires you to change your everyday habits and even your lifestyle. This is not easy, and a therapist who’s professionally-trained can guide you through the process.

5. Don’t go through it alone.

When you quit, it’s a psychological battle between you and your urge to smoke. That’s why you should get support from everyone that cares about you. It’s essential that you surround yourself with your family and friends. Get help from those who understand your predicament and can be there to support you and give you a helping hand. The people you are with should also be able to give you constructive criticism when needed.

When you live a healthy lifestyle and refrain from smoking anything, even an electronic cigarette, you’ll see that you slowly regain a positive outlook. You also better your overall health and wellness. If you need help in quitting, you can get in touch with us directly here at

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