Parents Academic & Social Importance to Children for Health

Living a healthy lifestyle includes all aspects of healthy living even social  and academic success. If you want your children  to have the best chance at living a happy fulfilled life please keep reading!
Parents act as the guidance pillars to their children and hence they have the mandate to ensure that their children
succeed in life academically and socially. Parents are entitled to give the social knowledge to their children as they grow and this helps the child develop the tactics to overcome the social challenges in future.
  •  Parenting and role models

Parental participation in academic and social development of a child is needed from early childhood development. This is achieved through the involvement in school activities for example attending the schools general meetings and volunteering in school activities. This helps to support your child academically as well as portraying the social life the child is meant to follow in the future. This parental figure that parents offer to children as the adults to watch out for is critical for their development. The parents taking the position of role models shape the academic and social lives of their children by apprenticeship and counseling.

  • Parenting and responsibility

Parental roles are played by mature adults who can be seen in several context. By definition, a parent or a guardian is any person who takes the responsibility to take care of a child’s well-being. In this case the child may be biological or adopted. Biological children refer to those birthed by parents in the normal family context. Domestic infant adoption is the legal process that allows acquisition and bringing up children. Adoption is applicable to those people have the inability to bear child and they adopt children where they take the parental responsibility. The parents treat the children as their own and they therefore should be involved in academic and social development of the children.

  • Subtle growth environment

Development of early childhood is enhanced by parents by helping their children progress academically. This is done by creating a favorable environment both at home and at school. Parents should ensure that their children do the homework and follow the instructions given by their teachers in school. Parents mostly involve themselves by frequently communicating with the teachers so as to catch up with the progress of their children in school.

  • Academic achievement

Different opinions have rose on the involvement of the parents in the academic achievement of their children where some have a negative attribute of the parental involvement. On the other hand, reality shows that parental involvement in a child’s academic life contributes to the success of the child. This has been proved by the parent’s potential support throughout the academic period and the motivation they offer to their children.

  • Interpersonal skills and relationships maintenance

Parents’ involvement in child development is not only essential in academic achievement but also in the social development of a child. This social context is seen as the relations the child has with other people both at the same age and those even older. The parent should monitor the child’s behavior both at home and at school and this helps reduce the behavior problems such as negative peer influence, drug abuse and misuse of sexuality. Parent involvement in social development of a child will enhance acquiring of social skills such as communication, planning, mentorship and ethical values by the child.

  • Parenting and child identity

A parent gives the child the first and most important sense of personal worth and identity. This is the position ego and self-esteem come in and they are closely related to how one feels and sees themselves. In children this process starts from the parental model, to the child to the peer influence.

A parent is a critical personality in the development of a child and their roles are many and varied but they are all significant contributors to the achievement and success of children. At the role model point or at the identity management level or even at the counsel point a parent remains an invaluable asset to a child in the process of development.

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