“Pet Friendly Home!”

It’s the first time venturing out in the garden. The new family pet heads straight out to the flower bed to explore what’s within the freshly planted additions. Ordinarily, the worst that could happen would be an untidy garden. However, if the plant was an azalea or lily, that furry little friend could be in danger. Other garden items that pose potential risks to pets include fertilizers, plant foods, and even de-icing salts.

To avoid the hazards outside, pet owners might be tempted to move their animals indoors full time. This is not without its risks, as the home has some pretty nasty characters, too. In the kitchen, non-stick cookware could have adverse effects on birds, along with aerosol sprays and self-cleaning ovens. 

For pet owners, there are few daily experiences that top being greeted by a pet when they come home after a long day at the office. When the pet is trailed by a foul odor thanks to dirty HVAC filters, the feeling might not be that pleasant anymore. Regular service provides both pet owners and pets with clean air. Furry friends who happen to stay at home all day also need the HVAC unit to work optimally for another reason, as the temperature needs to be just right.

Many baby-proofing methods should also be applied when bringing a pet home. This includes childproof latches on doors and storing food and hazardous items out of reach. Garbage needs to go into closed cans and laundry into closed baskets for further safety.

Having a chic pet friendly home and a safe healthy home is what your pet wants and deserves. Please study the infographic below for important tips to help keep your pet healthy and happy. Give them a safe non-toxic environment to live and thrive in.  Don’t t they deserve the best since they are your faithful friend for life?


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