Retirement Community: A Comprehensive Selection Guide

When the time comes to decide whether you’d rather live in a retirement community that takes care of all your needs or accept the challenges of the golden age at home, the question of choosing the right place is never far away. The variety of choices includes assisted living, independent living, memory care and a continuing care retirement community, also known as a life plan community. Of course, there are also questions of medical care, recreation and lifestyle that each option is offering.Assisted living for seniors

Assisted living

Often cited as a compromise by both aging parents and their adult children, assisted living assumes that the seniors maintain their privacy and independence within a private apartment or suite, while their adult children feel confident their parent is safe, with all the extra care and support they need. Assisted living community provides more help with the daily activities such as bathing and dressing, but also meal preparation, ensuring that dietary and nutrition needs are met. An option with assisted living is also recommended if safely manoeuvring inside and outside the home has shown to be an issue.

Independent living

Usually chosen for the benefit of convenience and socialization, an independent living community is perfect for you if you’re an active senior who can safely manage your personal care needs, as well as medications. Independent living-style community is also recommended to people who are resolved to maintain their active lifestyle. In return, you won’t have to worry about household maintenance repairs, which leaves you more time to pursue your interests, activities, travel, family, etc.

Life plan community

The campus-like environment of life plan communities offers a full continuum of senior care, from independent living to assisted living and professional nursing. For example, if you choose retirement living at Mark Moran Vaucluse, you’re entitled to 24-hour qualified care, concierge and security services at hand, but also highly independent options like a purchasable private apartment, underground secure parking with direct access to suites, and basement storage. Such life plan communities are a great choice for seniors who are eager to remain independent but also line up a plan for their future.

Retirement Community

Memory care

Specialized for adults and seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of age-related dementia, memory care programs are becoming quite effective in maintaining the quality of life for those suffering from chronic memory loss. Your physician will normally tell you if a person in question needs round-the clock supervision for safety, if there are behaviors that are difficult to manage, such as wandering or aggression. Finally, there’s the case when caring for your loved one takes a heavy toll on your family or career.

Budget considerations

Finally, there is the financial aspect of a retirement community that needs considering. A sit-down with a trusted individual and a thorough analysis of your finances and long term savings will give you a rough estimate of what your living costs are today, and what can you afford in the near future. Living in a retirement community might cost more, but when the monthly bills weigh in, you may discover that the difference is not so significant from your current situation. If you’re looking to purchase a condominium, talk to your attorney to make sure you understand the fine details of the deal you’re being offered.

As your retirement day comes, it’s time to start thinking about your future life arrangements, even if you’re still fully independent, choosing the right retirement community can have benefits that go far beyond receiving care and assistance. It allows you to live independently, with more free time for you and your loved ones, at the same time avoiding the isolation that often comes with age and living alone.

Aging is part of the process of life but we can make stay healthier if we live a healthy and natural lifestyle. If we decide to stay active, live and eat proper nutrition balanced diet filled with healthy organic and/or local harvest foods that can help eliminate many diseases that are related to toxicity from our environment and lifestyle. Living in a retirement community can be beneficial to seniors and their families in so many ways.  So make the most senior years and enjoy life to the fullest!

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