Natural Ways to Keep Alzheimer’s Disease at Bay

Natural Ways to Keep Alzheimer’s Disease at Bay

Dementia is a disease that lots of elderly people suffer from. Its symptoms include brain fog, memory loss, and sometimes a person suffering from dementia even has a hard time following a simple conversation. Dementia is a term used to describe the mentioned group of symptoms, but the disease that is actually making all the trouble is called Alzheimer’s disease. Considering how common Alzheimer’s disease is in today’s world, it is good to learn about the natural ways to keep it at bay at bay. Let’s take a look.

natural ways to help Alzheimer's

Sleep on your side

It may sound odd but your sleep position can actually increase your risk of dementia. There have been claims that a person can slash the risk of a neurodegenerative condition by sleeping on their side. The brain’s clear-out system works best when people lie on their side, not on their back or on their front. This clear-out system is also known as the brain’s lymphatic pathway and it’s responsible for clearing out chemicals that may cause dementia.

Stock up on vitamin D

Did you know that vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of dementia by 122 percent? Yes, that’s correct. So, increasing your vitamin D levels needs to be a priority. A person can do that by sunbathing and eating various foods rich in vitamin D. For example, almond milk is a really good option if you want to increase your vitamin D levels. Other foods that are high vitamin D include — orange juice is also great and so is eggs yolks and mushrooms. Adding that and fatty fish such as tuna, mackerel and salmon along with cheese to your diet is a good way to reach ‘Alzheimer-repelling’ levels of vitamin D.

Get proper care

Some people are not fortunate enough to completely avoid Alzheimer’s but that doesn’t mean that it’s over. Keeping it at bay and fighting is what needs to follow. And one good way to fight is to find a proper dementia home care program, one that includes highly trained staff that is always available to tend to one’s needs, is focused on individualized care and provides high-quality environments. When these conditions are met, a person is bound to thrive even with a burden such as Alzheimer’s. Keeping Alzheimer’s at bay is easier when there is help from a good dementia care program.

Have some goals in life

Yes, you read it correctly. Living a purposeful life actually repels dementia. A purposeful life means having goals, heading in a direction towards something and finding meaning. Dr. Josh Axe suggests that a person needs to find something that makes them happy or passionate in order to keep Alzheimer’s at bay. According to a study from Rush University Medical Center, participants who reported the highest scores on the life purpose test were 2.4 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s compared to the participants with lower scores. Now it doesn’t sound so strange, right? Having some goals in life to fight for and reach.

Program some habits into your lifestyle

Did you know that walking improves brain function and thinking skills? That’s why you need to incorporate healthy walks into your schedule. Three walks a week are a good start.

Also, brushing your teeth is really important. Not only because of the obvious dental hygiene issue but also for brain protection. People that brush their teeth less than once a day have up to 65 percent greater chance to develop dementia than those who do it twice a day. Gum disease bacteria can cause an inflammatory process that results in brain damage. Bear that in mind next time you want to skip brushing your teeth and go straight to bed.

Alzheimer’s disease is a serious condition and keeping it at bay needs to be a priority. Never give up and give in, there is so much to life and this disease must not stop anyone from realizing that. Fight and hang in there. So much is unknown about  Alzheimer’s but there seems to be a relationship linked to aluminum toxicity.

If you have a family member or know anyone that is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease please share your tips or ideas in the comment section.

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