Depression: Physical Symptoms People Rarely Talk About

In life, we cannot avoid getting lonely and there may be times that we prefer to be alone. That’s totally normal. We all have that phase in our lives when we feel so down and helpless. What’s important is we find ways to shake it off and move on.

However, if this condition seems to go on for a long time and you don’t know how to get yourselfdepression together anymore, it may already be depression. People often disregard this condition and shrug it off as if it’s something that just needs to be talked about and will easily go away. No, depression is a serious case that often leads to suicide.

Not all people have the ability to fight off depression, so they end up taking their own lives. What do people go through to be in such a miserable state and lose the will to live?

In most cases, the cause has been building up for years and years. It could be childhood abuse or stressful relationships. It could be a financial situation or illness. Whatever the causes are, it is vital that we understand how it affects people and how they can be treated. How do we know if someone is suffering from this dreadful state? Because depression is something that only the person suffering from it feels and that they rarely talk about it, we usually don’t have any idea how to spot it on someone. It’s important to know the physical symptoms.

Weight changes

Different people have different ways of coping. Some would lose their appetite and lose weight. They would not eat for days and when they do they would eat small portions just to put something in the stomach. Nothing would ever satisfy them, not even food. While others may indulge in eating more. Gaining excessive weight does not always equal to a good life; more money to buy food, more food to eat and more weight to gain. Some people turn to food when they are stressed out. They feel better if they stuff their mouths with scoops and scoops of ice cream and boxes after boxes of pizza. Then after that, they feel guilty and start the whole process all over again. It’s a never-ending battle. They forget that eating healthy may help get them back on their feet.

Sleep changes

Just like their eating patterns, sleep may either be excessive or too little. Some may not be able to sleep because so many things are going on in their heads. This leads to dark circles around the eyes. Although they often lock themselves in the room or stay in the dark, they just spend their time thinking or sulking. Others may want to get away from everything by sleeping all day. Getting through the day is already overwhelming, so sleeping is their way to just get it done and over with.


man drinking from depressionAlcoholism is common, especially in men. When men are depressed, they often turn to alcohol. Most of the time, they cannot function without having alcohol in their system.

This can really affect their lifestyle, especially their jobs, and often lead to more consequences, such as getting fired. Consequently, they get even more depressed.

Women who turn to alcohol may have a more complicated aftermath. Women who are drunk are usually taken advantage of. It may result in rape or unwanted pregnancy, another addition to an already-depressing situation.

Reckless behavior

Because depressed people sometimes don’t care about themselves or what’s happening around them anymore, they often show reckless behavior. It may be in driving or with their daily activities. This often leads to conflicts among coworkers or family members who are unaware of their condition. Reckless behavior is sometimes not thinking of the future or any consequences of their actions. Some may spend their time gambling while others will resort to illegal substances or drug addiction. This is why most depressed people get more and more depressed because their actions lead to more trouble.

Feeling hopeless

Depression is a mental disorder that makes a person feel extreme worthlessness and/or hopelessness. They often describe themselves as being in a deep black hole and there’s no way to escape. It’s like waiting for the earth to just eat them alive and never come back. This feeling is alarming because it may lead to suicidal thoughts.

Danger to one’s self

These people can get very hard on themselves. They sometimes feel pleasure in cutting themselves or banging their heads on the wall. This is a very dangerous stage and they will need a psychologist at this point. TG Psychology can help in determining the best treatment for those who are suffering from severe depression. They offer counseling and high-quality psychological services.

Depression should never be taken for granted. If we notice these symptoms on anyone, don’t be the reason for them to get deeper in the hole. Some people will only need someone who would understand them, someone to talk to, someone who would lift up their spirits. If you can be that person, by all means, please do so. Everyone needs a little kindness to make a better world.

Others, though, will need professional help. Contact a professional if you or someone you know has any of these symptoms before it’s too late.  Make sure you choose a professional with a good reputation such as Meister Counseling.

If you need help in finding a good therapist in your area that can help guide you back to health and wellness please check out BetterHelp.

Let’s get ourselves educated of its signs and symptoms. Knowing how to spot the signs may save a life.

If you know of anyone that you think is suffering from depression please do everything you can encourage them to seek professional help.

Please share this article to help bring awareness of depression and to help save lives!

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