4 Reasons Why Dancing is the Best Meditation

Dancing is something that nearly everyone does at one time or another. Whether you are on a dance team decked out in your costumes from AlexandraCostumes.com or just someone who likes to dance when they go out, dancing is a fun thing to do. However in addition to being fun, dancing is actually a job for thousands and thousands in the USA alone.

Dance is the gift that keeps on giving as it also one of the best ways to meditate, but why? In an effort to answer that question, this article is going to look at 4 different reasons why dancing is the best kind of meditation.

Dancing and meditation

1. It has a Very Long History

As you would likely imagine, the idea of dancing has been around for thousands of years. However, dancing as a form of meditation also has a very long history. Many cultures have used dance and other rituals to heal and attain a much deeper connection to the natural world around us.

While we no longer do ritualistic dances in this part of that world that frequently anymore, dancing for meditation purposes still exists. In fact, many new era dancers and therapists utilize meditative movement quite frequently, and feel it can be great for our minds, not only our bodies.

2. It can Provide us With a Brief Escape from Reality

Let’s face it, most of us lead incredibly stressful and busy lives. Most of our days consist of waking up early, driving to work, working, driving home and then getting ready for bed to do it all over again. As a result, many of us need an escape from reality one time or another.

For some people it’s video games, others like to read a good book and some like to dance. Dancing is an activity that can fully consume us and let us forget everything in the world for those few minutes or hours that we are dancing. While they have meditative movements and dances you can do which might take this up a notch, any sort of dance in any situation can have meditative properties.

3. It is a Part of us Right from Birth

With how many people love and enjoy dancing, it should be no surprise that there seems to be an inherent connection within us between our mental health and movement. This connection seems to go right back to birth as some research has shown that babies actually find rhythm and music more engaging than vocalization and speech. Babies that are happy also show improvement when it comes to matching the beats of songs.

As adults, getting lost in a beat and letting go to dance takes us back to this childhood state where we don’t worry about social constructs or what people think of us or anything like that. It can let us truly express what we are feeling, which is something most of us do not do very often.

4. It Has Numerous Mental Health Benefits

mental health and meditation

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One of the main goals of meditation is to get us more grounded and to improve our mental state. While all types of meditation are great and could be practices, dancing as a form of meditation has number different benefits for our mental health.

It can help those with anxiety or depression, can reduce stress and can improve your mood in only a few minutes. Dance has also proven to be a great way for people to express their emotions, especially for those who struggle to do that in the traditional sense of the word.

In addition to this, dancing can be intoxicating and cause a natural high. There are few more fun, relaxing and memorable places to be than a dance floor with your friends, in the right place with the right music playing. With dancing also helping connect people and make us more social, it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

In conclusion, dancing is so much more than something to do for fun or exercise, as it is actually one of the best ways to meditate. Even if you’re not a great dancer, it can still do wonders for your mental state and stress levels.

Do you dance or meditate? If so share with us how it helps you on your road to a healthy lifestyle.

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