Retrofitting Your Home for Optimal Energy Efficiency!

There aren’t many aspects of our lives in which we’re not striving for maximum efficiency, and among those in which we do go after it, there are few where results are as obvious as it’s the case with home and living. In order to preserve natural resources, improve energy efficiency of our homes, save money on bills and have better living conditions overall, we’re often left with a need to add some elements to our existing homes, so that these aims would be achieved.

Here are some tips that should help you if you decide to improve the quality of living at your home, be more environment-friendly and save money in the long run. Some works require hiring a professional, but there are also some that you can do yourself if you have enough time.

  • Energy Efficiency Audit

Before dealing with a problem, you need to know its type and scope. Hence, before you start retrofitting your home randomly, it might be a good idea to conduct a thorough audit to determine the state of affairs at your home. Believe it or not, this is something you can do on your own, but if you don’t feel confident enough, you can always commission an expert. The process must be done thoroughly and comprehensively, including every aspect which affects energy efficiency.


  • Insulation

Most people think about insulation first when improving home energy efficiency is mentioned. Preventing unnecessary heat loss is one of the most noticeable aspect of living. If a home is well-insulated, it requires much less energy to heat or cool the indoor air. The critical points are exterior walls and the roof, i.e. the attic. Providing proper insulation will result in warmer winters and cooler summers, accompanied by significantly lower heating bills. You could do this yourself, but usually, people hire experts for this job.


  • Doors

Exterior doors play a very important role in providing energy efficiency. If they’re made of material which doesn’t provide proper insulation, or if they haven’t been installed properly, they are likely to allow air leakage, which would significantly lower the energy efficiency of your home. Just imagine that cold winter wind howling outside and inside your home.

Sometimes it’s enough just to have them refitted to prevent further air leakage. Also, weather stripping can be useful up to a point, but if the problem can’t be solved using any of these simple methods, you’ll just have to replace the problematic door with a new one.


  • Windows

Windows seem to be the most common cause of problems related to heat loss. Even the tiniest cracks and holes in the frames or glass can lead to air leakage, which would make it more difficult to regulate the indoor temperature, meaning you’d have to waste more energy to regulate the indoor conditions. If minor interventions, such as refitting and caulking don’t help, you have no other option but to have the faulty windows replaced. Luckily, the market offers a wide range of custom residential solutions with heat insulation window film, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding the right fit.

  • Lighting

Usually neglected and overlooked, lighting can contribute to home’s energy efficiency. Its particular advantage is that is brings instant benefits and it’s easy to install. Just by replacing traditional bulbs with LEDs you’ll be saving a significant amount of money. If you add dimmers in all rooms, the savings will be even greater!

So, even if you’re living in an old house, which was not designed with energy efficiency in focus, there are quite a few adjustments and additions you can make to make it much more efficient and pleasant to live in. Depending on your skills, confidence and free time, there are also jobs you can do yourself, but some will probably require professional help. In either case, not only will you preserve the environment and save money, but also greatly improve the quality of life that your family and you enjoy.



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