Seven Reasons Why You are Bloating

You could have a lot of bloating that almost has no explanation, but there are some very simple ways that you can solve your bloating problem. You could change your diet, get into an exercise plan, and start to cleanse in ways that will be meaningful to you. Look at these seven reasons because they all come with solutions that will be best for you. You could change your life completely, and you will have more energy because you are no longer bloated or holding weight.

reasons why you are bloating

1. Water Weight

Water weight is retained because you have too much salt in your diet, and you will find that you need to buy Isagenix products in Canada at wholesale prices! Doing so will help you begin that cleanse. You need to take as much of the salt out of your diet as you can because you can eat things that are low in sodium while also coming up with ways that will be best for you to get that water weight off. The cleanse is the best place to start, and it leads you to exercise and other diet changes.

2. Fatty, Sugary, Unhealthy Diet

unhealthy fatty foods causes bloating

You are bloated because you have too much fat in your diet. You will find that you can cut out of a lot of fat from your diet so that you can have the kind of results that you want. You have to be sure that you have chosen to eat lean meats and cut out of the fats that you know are bad for you. Avoid fats and sugary processed foods to have and learn how to keep your digestive system healthy.

3. Lack Of Exercise

You will bloat because you are not sweating. Your circulation gets worse, and you cannot get your body to release that weight because you are not active enough.  To combat this get regular exercise at least four times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes for the best results and to help reduce the uncomfortable bloating.

4. Stress

You will gain weight when you are stressed, and you will be very bloated just because you are so stressed that your body holds onto fat as a bit of a resource because your body thinks that you are starved. It alters the way our body digested foods and the unpleasant bloating occurs, Stress has a major impact on our whole body including the digestive system. To reduce stress naturally try meditation, listening to soothing music, or yoga which are all great ways to manage stress and can help eliminate and melt away the bloating.

5. Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol is supposed to be a diuretic, but it will cause you to bloat and gain weight because your have so many grains in your body from the alcohol.  Too much alcohol of any type will evidently cause you to have many serious health problems no matter what type of alcohol you drink.

6. Thyroid Issues

herbs for treating thyroid condition

You could have a thyroid problem that is very hard for people to combat, and you need to see your doctor. A proper diagnostics from your health care provider is necessary since there are numerous thyroid conditions and it is necessary to isolate your specific thyroid issue.

7. Unknown Medical Issues

You have to go to the trained medical health care provider if know of the about reasons seem to fit your specific problems. You could solve your thyroid problem with a supplements and natural herbs, but you cannot diagnose yourself. Be sure you have see a professional healthcare provider just to be certain that you have covered all your bases.  A healthcare provider is necessary to diagnose your specific thyroid issue or any other unknown possible causes or medical condition that might be causing the bloating.

You could have bloating for a lot of reasons, and now is the time to see if the problem is going to be easy to solve.

If you have ever had a bloating problem or have any useful tips on bloating please share them in the comment section.

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  2. I had such problems before and I tried to cure it, only to find out that I have a thyroid problem. And since I was diagnosed, I was able to address my health problem properly.

    1. Hi Cat,
      I am glad to hear that you found a answer to your health problems. Thyroid issues can cause many issues within the body. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

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