Seven Tips to Maintain Healthy Toilet Hygiene!

With up to fifty bacteria per square inch living on your toilet seat alone, making sure your toilet is kept properly hygienic is a must to prevent diseases such as salmonella, e-coli and various other stomach complaints.

Below you will find seven tips to help you ensure your toilet is clean and you have good hygienic at all times.

Disinfect the Areas You Touch the Most

Of course you’ll be using a natural strong disinfectant on the actual toilet bowl, but don’t forget about other areas that you touch regularly like the flush handle on your toilet, light switches, door handles, toilet paper holders and the lid of the toilet. When using the disinfectant, keep in mind that it needs to sit on there for a couple of minutes to be really effective before being rinsed off with clean water.

I find work green an natural cleaners work great and they don’t have the health risks from the dangerous fumes of bleach and the risk of infection, especially with kids.  Try using basic ingredients to clean your whole house such as hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and vinegar or even herbs that all work great and kill those nasty bacteria without any health concerns from toxic cleaners.

Keep The Toilet Lid Closed

Whenever you flush your toilet, millions of tiny water particles from within the toilet bowl are blasted into the air and come to land across your room. To prevent this from happening, always close the toilet lid before you flush. Keeping the lid closed at all times will help you get into the habit of closing the lid before you flush.

Keep the Room Dry and Well Ventilated

Humidity can be a great way for bacteria to multiply. Keep your toilet well ventilated by opening the window and/or installing a dehumidifier. When you clean your floor, make sure you dry the floor as quickly as possible to prevent moisture building up.

Clean the Toilet Seat Daily

Your toilet should of course be cleaned regularly – even if you have a self cleaning toilet, it’s important to add disinfectants to ensure no bacteria are lurking – but the seat and the lid should be cleaned daily to avoid the bacteria there multiplying. Ideally, you should use a disinfectant spray for the fast and effective killing of bacteria.

Wash your Hands Regularly

This one should go without saying, but washing your hands with an good eco-friendly green non-toxic plant based soap is essential to stop the spread of bacteria and help to keep your toilet hygienic. My favorite soap is old-fashion Dr. Bronners that you can buy at your health food store, on-line, or at many chain grocery stores.

Keep Your Toilet Brushes Clean

So many people forget to clean their toilet brushes, or don’t clean them as regularly as they need it. Your toilet brush should be cleaned in disinfectant (I use hydrogen peroxide in the little brown bottle), every time you use it – otherwise all of the bacteria you cleaned off your toilet is still festering within the room; it’s just on a different surface. Make sure to change your toilet brush at least once every six months.

Clean Fans and Vents

Another area that often gets over looked except for during a deep clean are fans and vents. These should be cleaned as regularly as the rest of the toilet. Fans in particular are blowing air into the room, and if they have a layer of bacteria covering them, they are blowing that bacteria into the room.

Following these tips will help to ensure your toilet is always sparkling clean and healthy hygienic. You will be ensured that you’re doing your part to help stop spreading germs and bacteria and helping to keep your family safe and healthy plus making the world a little cleaner and healthier.

How to you keep your toilet clean?

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