Unknown Medicinal Factors Related To Lycopodium Spore Powder

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I have some valuable but, unknown medicinal health factors and information about a wonderful homeopathic treatment and natural remedy that can used to treat many health conditions, that I wanted to share with you. A medical expert provided this information and hope you are as intrigued by the amazing powers of Lycopodium Spore Powder as I was. Using alternative solutions to treat chronic or acute health problems is always a better choice than toxic drugs.

Lycopodium powder is a yellow-tan dust-like powder, composed of the dry spores of the club moss plant and various fern relatives. It is generally used as a flash powder. The lycopodium spore powder that is being used as homeopathic medicine is prepared using spikes of the plant. The spores of lycopodium plant are collected during the summer season and are saturated in alcohol for at least five days. The resultant solution is then filtered, drained, and then eventually stirred. This creates the homeopathic medicine lycopodium. After this process, there is no trace of original plant.

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This is how lycopodium is being used as homeopathic medicine for different types of treatments.

So, let us have a look at various medicinal uses of lycopodium:

  • Lycopodium is used in order to treat various types of health conditions. Its main use is for treating digestive disorders, as well as various symptoms associated with them. As an example, lycopodium proves to be very effective for curing symptoms like nausea; vomiting, bloated and inflated abdomen and intestinal gas.
  • It is also very effective for conditions like restlessness and discomfort after a person has eaten only a little amount of food. Or with conditions like constipation and bleeding hemorrhoids.
  •  The homeopathic remedy of lycopodium is also used for treating neuralgia type headaches. It also helps in treating tender throats which are agitated when a patient consumes cold drinks.
  • As well as these main uses there a number of other symptoms that lycopodium is used for. Such as exhaustion, especially after flu. Also suffering from chronic dry coughs, or having a heavy amount of hair loss.
  • Lycopodium is also used with people suspected of suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome; a viral ailment which attacks the immune system. This can be generally differentiated by conditions like general weakness, tiredness, as well as suffering from flu-like symptoms.
  •  Lycopodium is also beneficial for conditions like psoriasis. An extensive persistent, inflammatory skin ailment which is differentiated by flaking patches on the hands.
  •  Lycopodium has proved beneficial for men who have an enlarged prostate. Also from kidney stones differentiated when you pass reddish urine that can contain sand-like deposits.
  •  Lycopodium is prescribed for treating sexual problems in men. It is beneficial for those who usually suffer from a low libido; and thus are suffering from erectile dysfunction. It usually aids men for regaining their normal libido ultimately achieving penile erection during sexual activity. As a result this homeopathic medicine brings back self-confidence, making their sex life far more satisfactory.
  •  In addition, while being an effective medicine for treating various different physical conditions as well as their related symptoms, this homeopathic medicine lycopodium has been proved itself as a useful supplement for treating emotional disorders too. These emotional disorders may include various types of insecurities like anxiety, getting more nervous, low capacity of tolerance, insomnia, night fears, worries about being alone, as well as talking or laughing during sleep. Also it is beneficial for those who are being gripped with fear when they wake up.

Thus, this shows us how universally wide-spread lycopodium is used. Other types of treatments that can be done through lycopodium include conditions of digestive disorder, chest infections, anxiety or nervousness as well as urogenital problems too.

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Daniel, the author of this post is a medical expert too. Here he is sharing some of the homeopathic treatments related with Lycopodium Spore Powder and how it can be used for treating various conditions.






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