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Today my friends, I want to shout to you “STOP MONSANTO” because I believe with every cell of my body that we need to you. It is high time for every one of us to stop big corporations from running our country and our lives and it is up to US. We need to make sure our children with healthy, non GMO foods, stop the contamination from poisoning pesticides, and taking away our rights and freedoms!

NOW! is the time, not tomorrow, next week, or next year.  They have got away with murder, literally! Poisoning our foods, our land, our children, and our lives!

Who is Monsanto & What Do They Stand For?

  • They are the world’s leading producer of the herbicide glyphosate, marketed brand name as Roundup, but they also have other brands. They kill weeds but they also kill people and cause many health problems. Despite industry regulators including the European Commission, having known for years that it is linked to birth defects. Monsanto is also the largest producer of genetically engineered (GE) seed owned
  • They exclusively produces Roundup Ready soybean seed for the commercial market.
  • They are one of the top 10 US chemical, genetically engineered seed, and bovine growth hormone companies
  • Monsanto has been said to be the evil corporation in your refrigerator!
  • Monsanto is  literally everywhere. Just about every non-organic food product available to consumers has some sort of connection with Monsanto
  • the growth of GM crops has led to a massive rise in pesticide use
  • they ruin local agriculture and harm communities with their attempts to dominate food production systems, farmers and agricultural workers are being poisoned, criminalized and displaced from their land.
  • Monsanto controls 90% of all genetically engineered seeds
  • Monsanto controls — and owns patents on — most of the American food supply.

In a study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences, analyzing the effects of genetically modified foods on mammalian health, researchers found that agricultural giant Monsanto’s GM corn is linked to organ damage in rats.

We have a right to know what is in our foods. If we choose to eat genetically modified foods then that is a personal choice, but we do have a right to know and this one reason people are out raged.  Monsanto buys any company that they choose -small companies and take over, change good food to genetically engineered foods that are extremely unhealthy and have been linked to many health issues. Since they are a big money corporations any farmer that tried to sue them didn’t have a chance –until they banned together and fought them in court.

To read Monsanto Harvest of Fear–Monsanto that already dominates America’s food chain with its genetically modified seeds. But now they have started to target milk production and the selling raw milk and this is just frightening as the corporation’s tactics. There are ruthless legal battles against small farmers–is its decades-long history of toxic contamination   —

Monsanto & GMO Labeling:

This November, Californians will vote for or against Prop 37 , the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act. The outcome of that vote will likely decide whether the U.S. will one day join the nearly 50 other countries that allow their citizens to choose between genetically engineered and non-genetically engineered food through the enactment of laws requiring mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Monsanto and other biotech companies, animal drug companies, multinational food manufacturers, and junk food restaurants. They all depend on the use of dangerous chemicals, pesticides, animal drugs, and GMOs to produce cheap, unhealthy, dangerous,  contaminated food.

Go to – to read about “Millions Against Monsanto”

Are you fed up and angry?   Are you ready to put a stop to it?

"Stop Monsanto"

Give your support with a donation (Click here)  or in any way you can! We all need to ban together to protect our families and our future!  I believe we have power in standing together and fighting. We need to let our government officials know that we want this stopped and want safe, healthy food, and a chance for our children to have a promising future. Write to your senators and representatives to let them know how you fell, sign every petition and make every phone call you can to stop Monsanto and what I consider illegal practices. To avoid health risks always go organic and local harvest!

“Go Green” “Organic” To “Save Our Planet” & to “Save Our Families!”

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Quote of the Day: We are talking *very* dirty tricks here. There’s no ethics at all in what’s going on here. It shows an organization that is determined to push its products into countries around the world. And it’s determined to destroy the reputation of anybody who stands in their way! ~ Jonathan Matthews

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  2. Donal E. Lewis

    I was concerned sixty years ago when I used Herbicide on my corn field. When we went around the ends of the row our home made spreader put to much down. The next year there was a half moon area where the grass and legumes did not grow. Never again any herbicide, insecticide or hybrid corn. Went totally to Organic in 1953 and won many awards in 1958 and after over thuosands of Chemical Farmers. I went to a meeting the argronimist was pushing hericide. I asked I know it kills weeds what about the life in the soil that plants get food from. Answer in six to seven weeks it is dispatated.I said this is most of my growing season and how do you know that. I was right and it does not dispate and we were swindled then and farmers still are. My theme is Soil, Food and Health in this order. The soil is the Life Blood of the Earth and all Food come from the Soil. The Government does not put and money into improving the soil. Monsanto is all Greed over Humanity and not one concern about our soil I call them test tube farmers. Most Organic people are concerned about the soil that our God blessed us with. The Lords Prayer has been said for over two thousand years. The last pssage For thine is the KINGDOM (GOD) the POWER (JESUS) and the GLORY (US) it fits Organic but not the Chemicals we are having pushed on us.

    1. Thank you Donal for reading my blog and commenting. I totally agree with you and that is why we have to Stop Monsanto from contaminating our soil, water, and planet. Keep on believing as you do and things can change. Blessing to you.

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