Surprising Ways Tai Chi Benefits The Spine And Your Health


Tai ChiDo you have back pain? If you do you are not alone! Back pain remains a significant problem for Americans of all ages, with one-third of respondents reporting severe pain in the lower back in a National Centers for Health Statistics survey. Standard routes to curing chronic back pain include medication, physical therapy and, in severe cases, surgery.

If the potential side effects of such standard treatments make you fidgety, you may want to consider tai chi as an alternative natural remedy. Not only does research point to tai chi as an effective means of stress relief, the practice actually delivers a number of physical benefits  including the minimization of chronic back pain. The surprising ways Tai Chi benefits the spine and your entire body might help you on your road to living a green and healthy lifestyle without some of the dangerous side effects that conventional medicine can sometimes cause. Living naturally and in balance with nature is always a better solution.

Tai Chi And Stress Relief:

Anxiety serves as a common cause of lower back pain. The tension that naturally accompanies extreme stress often manifests itself in the lower back, which in turn, experiences moderate to severe pain. This side effect of anxiety remains common enough for the Anxiety and Depression Association of America to cite back pain as a leading indicator of diagnosable anxiety disorders. Although stress leads to back pain, the reverse also holds true. By channeling anxiety into healthy activities, sufferers can minimize existing back tension. Medical experts from the Mayo Clinic recommend tai chi as an excellent means of combating stress, particularly for those with physical handicaps in which higher intensity exercise is impossible.

Tai Chi For Arthritis-Related Back Pain:

When back pain manifests itself primarily as a physical (as opposed to mental) health symptom, the cause may involve an overarching case of arthritis. Arthritis-related damage to the spine remains a common side effect of aging, with Yahoo! Health reporting that 95 percent of individuals over the age of 50 show some signs of degenerative arthritis in the spine. Despite this disturbing reality, many of these sufferers never luckily actually fall victim to back pain. The presence of arthritis-related back pain ultimately comes down to small differences in spinal nerve and disc locations.

For those with arthritic back pain, tai chi can serve as an effective form of relief. In a study published by Arthritis Care & Research, participants dedicated to the regular practice of tai chi saw significant reductions in back pain, with the average participant seeing bothersome lower back symptoms reduced by 1.7 units on a 10 point scale.

Tai Chi, Back Pain And Weight Loss: highlights simple exercises and recipes to help individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle, manage pain and possibly lose weight. Extra weight places a huge burden on the musculoskeletal system especially the spine. Tai chi serves as a welcome solution to both back pain and obesity, as it provides an easily adaptable means of exercise. The series of gentle motions associated with this practice deliver an effective workout without contributing to further joint pain. Thus, tai chi remains an excellent alternative to standard weight loss approaches. As you use tai chi to shed those extra pounds, you’ll be amazed at how much of a burden is literally lifted from your aching back.

Tai Chi is an ancient form of natural healing that the Chinese culture has been practicing for centuries, with much success. It’s all done without the use of drugs or surgery, eliminating the potential of dangerous side effects. Do your research and find out if Tai Chi could be a positive influence in your health and well-being. I can personally vouch for Tai Chi and its health benefits because I have made it part of my routine. At least once a week I do session of easy slow-moving stretches and muscle strengthen techniques. I found this alternative natural remedy to pain and well-being a healthy, safe, effective, and very beneficial to helping me on my road to living a healthy and green lifestyle.

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  5. Glenda @ Healthy Stories

    I love tai chi (and qi gong) and practice fairly regularly. I really like how it limbers up the body and gets it moving again. I also use it because it helps to calm my mind. I always feel so much stronger when I do it regularly. Stopping by via Tasty Tuesdays 🙂

    1. Hi Glenda, Thanks for reading my article and I totally agree with your feelings about Tai Chi! I find it a wonderful therapy. Have a wonderful healthy day!

  6. Tai Chi is also great for balance and flexibility. I think it should be more Tai Chi classes offered at health clubs but they usually are hard to find. BTW stopping by from WOW!

    1. I totally agree. Tai Chi is a great form of exercise that is slowly moving in to the western world. Hopefully soon they will become mainstream because it has so much to offer people in health benefits.

  7. Hey Marla,
    Great post! I’ve done Tai Chi on and off for years. I love it. Even though it is a little slower paced and concentrated movements, I always feel amazing when I am done….happier, and lighter. It’s also a great exercise for older folks, like me. 🙂

    1. HI Laura, I agree it is a great exercise for older folks like me. It helps with balance so much. Thanks for reading my article and for commenting. Have a wonderful healthy day.

  8. I love to watch Tai Chi, but have never gotten into it. If I ever have any of the health issues you mentioned I will check my health and wellness board where I am pinning this, also sharing on g+.

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