Tasty and Healthy Alternative Recipes to Replace Coffee!

Coffee is the all American morning drink and it gives many people that boost to get started each and every morning.  What ever way or time of the day you drink coffee don’t you crave a change and aren’t you a little tired of the same old drink? Some individuals also experience some unpleasant side effect such as insomnia, the jiggers, nausea and others from coffee. Wouldn’t it be great to have a healthy alternative to your daily coffee routine without the side affects? A drink that would you would love, tantalize your taste buds,  a choice of many delicious flavors, and with the knowledge that it is good for you.
Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner – why not surprise Mom with a delicious flavorful alternative to coffee. Just think how great it will make her feel to start her special day out with one of the special flavors that is listed in the infographic below. That’s one of the reasons why Gifts.com has come up with 8 coffee alternatives. All these wonderful recipes have a multi range of health benefits. Mom can enjoy any of these every day anytime she wants them and she will be thinking about how thoughtful and loving you were to introduce her to this wonderful drinks. Make sure this Mother’s Day is extra special for your Mom.

Lets take a look at some to these health benefits from these tasty coffee alternatives:

1. Yerba Mate

Is known to increase energy, enhance mood and contains  vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, C and E and has the most antioxidants that tea can offer. It ased for lowering blood sugar, boosting your immune system and weight loss. It also has immune boosting power and can help lower blood pressure.

2. Health Benefits of Golden Milk — 

Reduces inflammation, helps fight depression and can help prevent cancer is just a few of the health benefits that this wonderful spice that is known as a superfood – Turmeric! Combine with black pepper, ginger we have a real health winner.

3. Health Benefits of Masala Chai Tea —

With all the spices this super tea blend has we have many health benefits such as increase circulation, aids the heart, kidney and lungs, helps digestion, and relieve pain.


4. Health Benefits of Mexican Hot Chocolate —

Organic dark chocolate is known for its wonderful antoxidant powers,  increases blood flow, can lower blood pressure, and fulfills that sweet taste you have been craving.

5. Health Benefits of Honey Maca —

According to Dr Ax Maca is well known to help with hormone balance and controlling estrogen levels and helps with fertility problems.  It also increases energy without the “jitters” that many people experience from caffeine. Maca is a  natural antioxidant, and boosts levels of glutathione and SOD (superoxide dismutase) that help fight disease.

6. Health Benefits of Matcha  Latte–

This tasty drink is a wonderful natural detoxifier!  In our polluted world we all need to detoxify to stay healthy and this is just what you might need.

 7. Health Benefits of Fresh Mint Tea —

Mint is a soothing and refreshing tea that is best know for its digestive healing properties but also helps relieve and soothe allergies symptoms.

8. Health Benefits of Super Food Berry Smoothie —  

According to Every Day Health berries are loaded with high levels of naturally occurring nutrients called phytochemicals that protect us from disease such as cancer. They help keep our heart healthy and taste great at the same time. decline like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Not only are berries pretty, they also help with heart health, and can be used to naturally sweeten food and drinks. Check out the many types of berries and their health benefits.

8 Coffee Alternatives



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