The Greener Way to Have Beautiful Poinsettia for Christmas

How to Grow Poinsettia

Nothing says Christmas quite like the poinsettia and with the holiday season upon us, poinsettias are one of the most popular houseplants around. Their bright and cheery appearance serves as a decorative element among many homes around the world.
There are many colors of poinsettia so you can choose the color that goes with your Christmas decor.
Whether you bought the plant yourself or got it as a gift why not keep it this year instead of throwing it out – why not take the greener path? Save yourself some money and learn how to keep them blooming for many Christmas’s? It takes a little work, but will be well worth it after you see the beautiful rich blossoms bloom and brighten you house with vibrant colors.
Poinsettias are lush beautiful house plants that can add so much color and joy. Let your green thumb show and your friends and guests will be amazed when you tell them that you have kept them growing and alive through the year from last December and will be keeping them for many years to come.
To make sure you are giving your plants the best care fertilize them the organic way with a mix of half strength solution of organic all-purpose household fertilizer until it runs out of the drainage holes of the plant container. This will ensure to keep it healthy without adding chemicals.
To help you care for you poinsettia plant this holiday season, FTD has created a guide with tips on tricks on how to care for yours even after the holidays have passed. Enjoy!


Poinsettia Care Guide

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