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The Healthy GrocerHow many times have you heard that organic and local harvest are healthier, preserve the environment, and investing in your local community strengthens the local economy? Well I am saying it again — because it is true! The most nutritious and healthiest organic foods are locally grown and harvested and you and your family can reap the many health benefits and support your neighbor at the same time.

My mission today is to support my local community by broadcasting one special community based store in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area where I live — “The Healthy Grocer” that is a locally oriented business that supports the community and provides only organic produce, raw foods, and so much more. The eggs, beef, cheese, raw goat and cow’s milk, honey, bee pollen all are provided by local farmers. But wait there is so much more to Shout About!

Healthy Grocers Many Products And Healthier Alternatives:

  • The MTO Juice Bar — For all those that want to reap the many health benefits of juicing. It is made fresh with organic fruits and vegetables and you decide for yourself what ingredients you want in your healthy, but delicious drink. Make sure you don’t forget to check out the made to order sandwiches.  You also have the choice of the Hot Buffet that has 2 fresh soups, vegetarian and meat entrees, veggies and side dishes, and roasted chicken that many times have fresh herbs and spices. This is a great and healthy alternative lunch versa a fast food pick-up window loaded with calories such as  hamburger and fries that contains toxic preservatives artificial and synthetic ingredients that no one should be eating.    I have tried their MTO juice bar and I can guarantee that you wouldn’t be disappointed.  And if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to make supper for your family this can be the answer to your prayers – a healthy meal made to order that will sure to please every member of the family.
  • Health foods and beverages — Many natural and organic groceries, healthy snacks, specialty foods for those that have food allergies or special health problems. Food allergies such as gluten-free, dairy free products.  Whatever food allergies or health issues you are dealing with The Healthy Grocer has the solution for you so that you can enjoy life to the fullest and eat delicious and nutritious meals.  There are many healthy frozen food choices and for your sweet side they provide healthy delicious desserts!
  • The Wellness Center — Offering only products that have many years of experience and most are lab tested. Whatever your health problem or needs might be —  diabetes, skin disorder, joints and arthritic pain – The Healthy Grocer has products that can help you find you way back to good health and support you on your journey to wellness.
  • Personal Care Products — Whether its natural solutions to oral health, shampoo and hair care, deodorant, bath soaps, skin and face care, essential oils, and even all natural makeup – The Healthy Grocer has so many products to offer. You are sure to find the right item that will fit your needs. One of my favorite products is the wide variety of essentials oils that I use to make my own personal care products.
  • Green Cleaning Products — Laundry detergent that is eco-friendly and natural, all-purpose toxic free cleaning products for all your needs in your home or office. The Healthy Grocer only sells natural products that are safe, healthy and good for you, your family, and the environment.
  • So many other productsThe Healthy Grocer has over 10,000 products for your health and well-being and did I forgot about your best friend? They also have safe and organic products for your pet!
  • Alternative Medicine Products — If it is homeopathic, organic herbal remedies or teas, aromatherapy, supplements, or vitamins, that you are looking for — they have it all at The Healthy Grocer!
  • Educational and Therapeutic Workshops – The Health Grocer offers many varies of healing workshops and alternative educational information. If you are interested in finding out what event or workshop is coming soon check it out here.
Let’s stand together to make this a safer and healthier world for everyone. Remember we only get to our destination by taking one step at a time and The Healthy Grocer can certainly help you on your journey!
Wherever you might live in the U.S. you can shop at The Healthy Grocer on line and have access to all their great products!   Living a healthy, green, organic lifestyle means making a strong commitment to yourself, your family and your community. Living green means that you care about the ecological footprint you are leaving for our children and all future generations. I have seen a change in our society that indicates we are caring about the future of our planet and empowering ourselves to find alternatives solutions to toxic chemicals and living clean and green. We need to continue on this road and make sure that we have done all we can to leave our legacy for our children of a healthier world.
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