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Maker's Diet Revolution BookAnnouncing the “The Maker’s Diet Revolution” book — published on December 1st!  I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing this book written by Jordan Rubin. You know who Jordan Rubin is don’t you? This man was on death door when he found his way back to health by applying Biblical scripture through food as the ultimate healing power. After his ordeal and finding his way back to health, Rubin made it his life mission to help others find their way to ultimate health and a healthy diet in a toxic world.

This book is a sequel to the “The Maker’s Diet”  and he has written and published over 20 books based on healthy, organic living and eating according to the scriptures of the Bible.  I have read some of his other publications including “The Raw Truth” “Patient Heal Thyself” “Maker’s Diet” and have found them all to be extremely informative, helpful, and based on research, facts, and his own experiences. I have found them extremely helpful on my journey to health. This book is ultimately written with the same bases as his other books with much detail on how he has found answers to questions and the research he has done to find the truth.

The Maker’s Diet Revolution is filled with much information that can help you lead a healthy diet, healthier lifestyle, the importance of detoxing and cleansing based from the book of Daniel in the Bible. Rubin was on a mission trip to India with his family when he was inspired by a vision from God that gave him the basis for this healthy diet plan very much like Daniel’s diet according to scripture.  Whatever your religion believes may be this book can help you understand why cleansing, detoxing, eating the right foods, using the right products can lead you to a healthier and happier life that we all deserve.

A few things you will learn from this Book:

  • The 10 Day Diet to Jumpstart Your Health and renew you mind, body and spirit.
  • How to properly detox and cleanse your body with step by step instructions and calendars for ultimate health and long-term maintenance plan. Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual cleansing and fasting.
  • Explains the two governing principles to good health – Get the good in (nutrients) and Get the bad out (toxins).
  • What foods you should eat and when, where and why.
  • The importance of fermented foods called — Secret of Sour.
  • The dangers of processed foods, conventional foods laden with pesticides and toxic chemicals and why we should consume organic foods.
  • Processed sugar health dangers to our body and immune system. The best natural alternatives to use such as raw honey, raw coconut sugar, and pure raw maple syrup.
  • How to support your overall health and defend against toxic enemies that bombard our bodies from what we eat, apply to our bodies, and the environment.
  • It can help you lose weight and keep maintain a healthy weight.
  • The importance of botanicals, teas, herbs,  and essential oils. How they help the body, their healing powers, and how they help each organ system function properly.
  • The importance of consuming healthy oils, spices, condiments, and salt.
  • The importance of “Pulse” which is consuming healthy organic vegetables, organic nuts and seeds that are properly prepared – raw, soaked or sprouted, raw nut butters, and grains.
  • The importance of drinking quality water and proper exercise.
  • The truth about good and bad milk.
  • Dining out tips.
  • Quick eating tips – eat only what foods God created – no GMO”s, processed, artificial chemically laden additives or dyes.
  • Easy recipe to use and follow for every meal.
  • The dangers of the many skin care and personal care products that so many of us use daily that contaminant, pollute our bodies with toxin chemicals, and healthy alternatives.
  • Shopping tips for the The Maker’s Diet Revolution Diet Plan.

There is so much helpful information in this book that you have to read it to understand how much knowledge you can gain and then apply it to your life.  Let’s face it many of us are on tight budgets and we need to watch our nickels and dimes, but don’t let that stop you from this wealth of knowledge provided in the book and gaining ultimate health. Although Rubin does promote Beyond Organics products much throughout the book he also gives you alternative ways to succeed with this program and how to follow a healthy diet with items purchased at your grocery store, health food store, or farmer’s market.

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special that is looking for better health and well-being? It would be a cherished gift that would keep on giving for the rest of their lives – ultimate good health physically, spiritually and emotionally. What a wonderful way to show you how much you care than to help someone find their way to health and well-being! This book will soon be available in Walmart, Barnes & Noble and other popular stores. You can also purchase it on-line at the following links The Makers Diet Revolution . MakersDietRevor

Start this New Year the right way on the right track with making positive changes in your diet and health. Don’t wait another minute to start you transformation into a healthier and organic lifestyle. The riches of bountiful health are so precious in a world filled with so much disease and sickness. Cleansing and detoxing our bodies spiritual, physically and emotionally are all part of living a healthy and green lifestyle. 


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  1. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    I remember the first Maker’s Diet – I really enjoyed it, so I think I need to put this on my reading list!

  2. Hi Marla,
    As I read your post I looked up at my bookshelf and saw my copies of two other books by Jordan Rubin “Perfect Weight America” and The Great Physician’s RX for Health and Wellness”. I think I even have a copy of “The Maker’s Diet” as well, so I am looking forward to reading this sequel.
    You are so right, this author has gifted us with so much invaluable knowledge about living well. I love that fact that you isolated the key governing principles for good health: “Get the good in (nutrients) and Get the bad out (toxins)”. Simple and memorable! Of course, the key is to apply this knowledge.

    1. Hi Deborab, I believe Jordan Rubin is an amazing man that has used his experiences and knowledge to help many others find healing. We need to apply his knowledge to gain the benefits. Have a wonderful healthy day!

  3. Thanks for bringing this book to our attention. I’m familiar with The Maker’s Diet but wasn’t aware of an update. 🙂

    1. It is a great book and well worth reading. Its filled with a lot of important and helpful information. Thanks for reading my article and commenting. Have a healthy happy day.

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