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There is something important we must discuss and that is Christmas gift giving and buying safe non-toxic organic gifts for all  your loved ones and friends. This is especially important for someone who sufferers from any ailments such as allergies or sensitivities and asthma, but  I believe it should include anyone on your list. Your gift given out of love could trigger and allergic attack for these individuals whether it is a child or adult and cause a potential health problem and I am sure that is not your intent. You need to consider the impact the gift would have on the person you’re giving this gift to? Will it improve their live in a meaningful way?  So I thought I would try to give you some guidance and some  ideas on how to buy safe products and the right gift.

1. Safe Toys: When giving a gift to someone with allergies or asthma, keep their potential triggers in mind. For example, some children with asthma might be irritated by the materials commonly used in stuffed animals.  Look for products that do not have sensitizing or allergic chemicals such as formaldehyde. Try to think healthy for anyone you are buying for.

2. Organic Essential Oils:  For some one with asthma or they are allergic to scents, gifts such as scented candles, perfumes, cologne or any scented product would definitely not be a good idea. Perfumes and cologne, such as, contain over 20 cancer-causing chemicals and could trigger a very serious reaction. Instead of buying a toxin chemical perfume for anyone why not try a precious essential oil that has a wonderful scent, such as lavender.

3. Organic Chocolate & Treats: A common food gift is holiday meats and sausages that many times are sold with natural-sounding language to make them seem wholesome and home-grown. In reality most of these meats contain 100% sodium nitrite which is a cancer causing chemical. This is used as a preservative and makes the meat have a brighter red color. I certainly believe this is not a good choice for anyone, but for someone with food sensitivities they are absolute NO! A good idea is buying them some of their favorite organic treats such as chocolate.

4. Organic Clothing: If you do buy someone a gift of clothing, or if you receive one yourself, wash the clothes in hot water, by themselves, so that you don’t pollute your other clothing, and use an extra rinse cycle. Dry them in the dryer and then wash them again! This is the only way to remove most of the dyes and pesticides found in these clothes, and even this process doesn’t remove all the dangerous chemicals. An even better choice is to buy organic clothing.

5. Family Friendly Videos Games or Movies: Make sure if you buy any child a video game or movie that they are Non-Violent Gift. Video games and movies are a very common gift for kids these days and they can be great fun, but make sure you know what you are buying —  please reconsider your decision or check out the video game out closely for violence and graphic material, because they can desensitize your children to acts of violence. Any child who plays video games that contain graphic and violent content are more likely to engage in mindless acts of violence, they are also more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder.

6. Gift Certificates: Sometimes it can be extremely hard to find the right gift for someone and the best choice you make is buy them a gift certificate at their favorite health food store, or a store that carries eco-friendly products that are environmentally friendly and toxic free. That way they can purchase what they need or want. Most people are thrilled with a gift certificate! Many times people will come back and show you what they purchased and you know that they got exactly what they wanted and you have the assurance that it will not harm them or make them sick.

7. Gym Membership: Some more ideas are a gym membership especially for someone who is health conscious and with the state of our economy many people who would like to workout — just can’t afford it. Another idea is a gift basket filled with personal or nutritious foods such as nuts or fruit — anything that you know might be something that each like and can tolerate, if they any sort of  health condition.

8. Organic and Natural Cosmetics, BodyCare, Jewelry for Men & Women: Every woman loves her beauty lotions, makeup, favorite lipstick color for that special look all year-long. Many men love jewelry and their manly cosmetics.  Make sure they are not filled with toxic chemicals that can cause serious allergic reactions, and a host of many  other serious health problems – make you are buying the very best for her health and our planet’s health. Show how much that special someone means to you! Check out www.terryseyeongreenmag.blogspot.com/ & www.eyeonbeauty.info/. You will find the perfect gift that will be healthy and safe.

Whatever you give your friends and loved ones this Christmas season– be smart and consider where does this gift come from the impact on the environment, who profits from this gift, such as  some enrich evil corporation? Always remember to not just think in the personal level but what is the global impact on the environment. Remember Christmas is about sharing time with loved ones and friends and the joy of giving. So let’s give a gift that will be healthy and bring joy to everyone. Remember to keep the true meaning of Christmas through this season, but remember that there are many people who are not fortunate enough to give or receive a gift. Let’s make sure that we give to those that truly need.

Remember to “Go Green,”  “Organic”  To “Live A Healthier Lifestyle”

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