Three Apps for the Healthy Eater


Are you very particular when it comes to what you eat? Do you only want to put healthy and/or organic food on your table? Don’t worry as there are simple, yet effective, ways on how to prevent yourself from eating junk food on a regular basis.

It’s very easy to undertake your own research these days, what with the convenience of smartphones. All you have to do is download an app from either iTunes or Google Play, and you’ll see hundreds of apps that can help you monitor what you eat. It isn’t surprising, really, given the fact that almost everyone these days has a smartphone that they rely on whether it’s for entertainment or guidance with a certain problem. Gaming Realms, a software developer that hosts games for Spin Genie, implies that about 50% of mobile usage is done outside of gaming, which makes the device a pretty popular and powerful tool for doing research.

Here are three apps that you may want to check out for if you want to monitor healthy eating:

1 – Epicurious

Epicurious has been around for some time and it remains an authority in the industry and for good reason. With every new volume, Epicurious provides guides on making healthy dishes and snacks. Its very own app has a search option that allows people to restrict their searches based on their dietary restrictions. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, or someone who simply wants to keep the carbs away, this app can work wonders.

2 – Easy Eater 2

Easy Eater 2 is a nice app that encourages kids to eat healthy. It promotes healthy eating by rewarding kids with “gold stars” whenever they’ve eaten something nutritious. Similar to Foursquare, this app lets kids “check in” the foods they’ve eaten for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner. The gold stars that kids receive can be used to redeem free trips or toys.

3 – Fooducate

Fooducate is the ultimate app to spot the not so healthy food out there. Food labels aren’t always 100% accurate with their descriptions and, most of the time, the terms being used in these labels aren’t very easy to read. Thankfully, Fooducate is there to provide unbiased information about the food people can buy at grocery stores. The app features information about the ingredients and health values of cereals, canned vegetables, cereal bars, and many other food items.

Do you use an app to keep track of what you’re eating? Share it with the rest of my readers in the comments section!




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  1. Thanks for sharing these apps! It is always nice to find new ways to discover more about what we are eating and these seem to make it convenient!

    1. Hi Dr Jennifer,
      Always glad to have be able to help make it easier for people to eat healthier and live healthier lives. Thanks for reading my article and commenting. Have a healthy happy blessed day!

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