Top 5 Herbs For Men To Increase Sperm Volume!

As a man, one of the most important aspects of your life is sexuality. We are, by nature, sexual beings and being able to lead a satisfying sexual existence is more than essential. This is, of course, related to our ability to have children.

Unfortunately, many men suffer from insufficient sperm, which can have a negative impact on the overall quality of life. The good news is that there are herbs you can use, in order to increase your sperm volume and, thus, your chances of having an offspring.

#1 Maca root

If you are looking to increase sperm volume and the motility of the spermatozoids at the same time, you should definitely consider the Maca root. According to a study cited by Natural Fertility, Maca root can increase the sperm production with almost 40%.

Moreover, it has been identified as a stimulant of the male libido, solving many of the issues related to erectile dysfunction. All you have to do is mix several teaspoons of Maca root with water or other beverages (smoothies, protein shakes).

You can even sprinkle the powder on your cereals; the one thing to pay attention to is the dosage. Begin with a little bit, as the Maca root is high in fiber and your GI tract needs gradual adjustment.

#2 Ashwagandha root

The Ashwagandha root can be used to enhance your sex drive, allowing you enjoy a healthy sexual life. It is also great for upping your sperm count, having a positive impact on the semen volume and motility.

All of these beneficial properties have been confirmed in a study published in Fertility and Sterility. The daily administration of Ashwagandha root extract has been found to stimulate the production of testosterone hormones, reducing the stress and anxiety caused by erectile dysfunction problems.

The recommendation is to mix a little bit of powdered Ashwagandha root with warm milk; the beverage can be taken twice in a day. As an alternative, one can take Ashwagandha root extract.

#3 Garlic

You might not be aware of this for a fact but garlic is not only a delicious herb to be used for cooking purposes; with regard to the sexual activity, it can be used to increase overall sperm count and to stimulate one’s libido (given its properties as a natural aphrodisiac).

The main active substance responsible for these benefits is allicin, which can generate more blood flow towards the genital area and, thus, improve the quality and number of the spermatozoids. The regular consumption of garlic can also increase the motility of the sperm, given its rich content in selenium. In order to benefit from its healthy properties, all you have to do is include more garlic in your daily diet (preferably fresh, uncooked).

Even garlic juice has been found to have a protective effect from semen oxidative stress, as a study published in Animal Reproduction has pointed out (study undertaken on lab rats).

#4 Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a herb with aphrodisiac properties, which is also known under the name of Gokshura. When taken on a regular basis, it can increase the overall sperm count and it also has a positive impact where the quality of the spermatozoids is concerned. It can balance the levels of male hormones, promoting a satisfying sexual activity.

The recommendation is to take Tribulus Terrestris capsules on a daily basis, for several months, after being consulted by a specialized medical professional. The beneficial properties of this herb have been confirmed through numerous studies and reports, including one developed by Leading Edge Marketing. The report showed that this particular herb can increase sperm volume, being added to capsules prescribed for low sperm count.

#5 Damiana

For anyone who suffers from a low sperm count, Damiana is one of the most beneficial herbs to take into consideration. Also known as Turnera Diffusa, it can stimulate the blood circulation in the genital area and relax any constricted muscles (which might be responsible for the erectile dysfunction).

Damiana is also beneficial to relieve the stress and anxiety caused by the low sperm count and erectile dysfunction. Its aphrodisiac properties have made the subject of various studies, including one published by Helmrick and Reiser.

In order to benefit from its amazing properties, all you have to do is boil its leaves; strain the infusion and mix it with a little bit of honey. You can drink three cups per day, for several months or until you notice the desired results.

Final words:

These are only a couple of herbs that you can resort to, in order to increase your sperm volume. As you have seen for yourself, these herbs also work to stimulate the motility of the sperm. They stimulate the libido, having aphrodisiac properties and they guarantee that you will continue to have a satisfying sex life, which is quite important.

Always consult a doctor before taking any of these herbs, in order to make sure they are suitable for your own individual situation. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and/or low sperm count, do not wait too long and seek out help as soon as it is possible.


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    My wish is to have natural herbs to increase my sperm count, how can I get such? How much it costs?

    1. HI Philip,
      I would suggest that you see a herbalist or an healthy care provider that knows about herbs and can guide you on your specific problem. I am not qualified to do that. Herbs are sold at Health Food store in many areas or some naturopathic drs. also sell them and should be able to guide you what you need. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

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