Types of Treatment to Beat Drug Addiction

Addiction is the nation’s top health problem. It has been causing more illnesses and deaths than most other preventable health issues. Traditionally, physicians for curing addiction have had too much in their medicine cabinet to offer to their patients trying to get rid of their burning issue – dependence to drugs or alcohol. There are countless number of pills that work from start to finish. Then there are other approaches to cure addiction, such as holistic approach, rehabilitation program and so on.

Types of Treatments to Beat Drug addiction

Holistic Treatment to Remain Sober

This form of addiction recovery treatment plan is useful in patients who are not just diagnosed with addiction to substance but going through side effect like emotional distress. Here, the treatment plan is tailored to alleviate symptoms such as sadness, anger, fear, anxiety and depression. It is often difficult for addicts to identify their emotions the first time they are recovering from it. In a normal human being, these emotions are quick, simple and easy to recognize. Addicts, on the other hand, feel them differently. They may not know how to handle these feelings any other way. Mostly they just want them to go away, and using drugs and alcohol is any easy way out for them. Holistic approach is designed to make addicts face up and deal with their unpleasant feeling and cope accordingly. In essence, a holistic treatment approach is centered around the concept of body, mind and spirit and finding the right solution to live life free of addiction. This method combines aspects from every distinct part of the individual’s body.

12 Step To Recovery

Taking control of life while being sober is not just about refraining from drinking or using drugs. 12 step program is aimed to bring benefits from all sides. It does include the do’s and don’ts. However, a lot has to do with ensuring happiness and leading a productive life. For this to happen, there are a number of support groups that provide safe and nurturing environment where addicts can discover new ways of coping with their illness. They get to share their stories, thoughts and goals moving forward. It is a program that talks about how to deal with cravings, and how to avoid triggers that can give rise to these cravings. The coping skills learned in this program can stay forever in the mind of an addict. It can remain long enough for the addict to recover and repair brain damage caused by addiction.

Medications for Addiction and Withdrawal

Addicts are often prescribed medication as a part of recovery from addiction. These medicine also play an important role in helping them during their withdrawal phase. The term used here is detox, that refers to a process where the addict is separated from the drug, alcohol or substance he or she has been using. The goal of detoxification is to reduce the side effects of addiction and help them in the recovery process. Withdrawal symptoms may vary from one person to another, hence the medication is adjusted according to the needs.

Other forms of treatment for addiction and its symptoms also exist. Then there are ways to handle lapse and relapse. One of them is prevention which means learning to recognize the early signs of this illness and taking steps to stop the progression.

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