What could be the Side Effects of Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Himalayan salt lamps are common accessories that are incorporated into the interior décor of modern homes. There are many homeowners who have turned to the Himalayan salt lamps for the decoration of their bathrooms, living rooms, patios, and hallways. When trying to improve the outlook of your home, you need to select high-quality Himalayan salt lamps. Many use them for their many health benefits as well as for design. Learn more about the health properties and  benefits of Himalayan salt lamps in your home. Buying unauthentic salt lamps from vendors may result to you not having an interior of your desires. Himalayan salt lamps and deocarting

Seeking the services of an interior designer is recommended so that you make your home more unique and modernized. Without the services of interior designers or contractors, it can be challenging to set the Himalayan salt lamps in the right positions to complement other accessories. Usually, real Himalayan salt lamps are known to have positive impacts on the users.

However, they may also have side effects if not installed in the right place or misused by the homeowner. If you are looking forward to introducing Himalayan salt lamps in your home or office, you will need to know the adverse effects that you may experience from the continued use of the salt lamps. If you want to understand about the side effects of salt lamps, read on.

Side effects of salt lamps


Himalayan salt lamp

  • They are fragile

One of the salt lamps negative side effects is their fragility. Having a fragile slat lamp in your home can be a health risk to both pets and children. Also, they may make your home look dirty if they keep breaking. For instance, if you have several salt lamps set up in your living area if they keep breaking, the slat crystal pieces will keep collecting on the floor making your space look dirty.

This is a common side effect that many homeowners experience when they have Himalayan salt lamps. Usually, having Himalayan salt lamps that break off even is considered to be a test of its authenticity. Therefore, sometimes, if you have your salt lamps flaking off, it could be a positive sign of having original types within your home. In relation to this, the homeowner is required to ensure that they clean the area around the salt lamps so that they can remove the flaked parts.

  • They are a risk to children and pets

Having toddlers in the house that has salt lamps may pose a great health risk to them. Children are known to play around with things they find around them. With the Himalayan salt lamps, they are considered to have toxic chemicals which would be harmful to the children in case they licked them. Consequently, pets are also victims of licking the salt lamps due to mineral deficiencies in their bodies.

To avoid such occurrences within your home, you need to ensure that you install the Himalayan salt lamps in a high position where the pets and young children cannot easily access. For Himalayan salt experts, they recommend that when a child licks on the poisonous salt lamps, they should be given first aid tenure the sat does not cause further harm to their bodies. The side effects of salt lamps can be overly harmful if there is no medical attention given to the affected individuals. Pets should also be similarly considered and be accorded the necessary medical care if they are affected.

  • They cause corrosion

Corrosion is a common negative side effect of having slat lamps n your home. With corrosive surfaces, you will find your home looking unattractive which is not a wish for any home or office owner. Due to the hygroscopic nature of the salt lamps, they absorb a lot of moisture from the atmosphere. This then results in the formation of puddles at the bottom of the salt lamp.

The water forming the puddles has dissolved chemicals which might destroy the furniture in your home. The salt dissolved in the water may cause rusting of the metallic surfaces of your furniture. To avoid this negative side effect, you should try and put the salt lamp on a surface that will absorb the water that comes from it. This way you will extend the durability period of the furniture in your home or office while also maintaining its aesthetics.

  • The salt lamps are too heavy

Having a heavy salt lamp in your home may have negative side effects in the long run. Ideally, heavy sat lamps may end up causing you harm if they fall on your feet or your child. Crawling children in your home may accidentally knock on the heavy salt lamps which result in serious injuries. To avoid these salt lamp negative side effects, you will need to ensure that you place them at lower levels so that they don’t end up falling with much force in case of accidents. Also, homeowners may decide to install the slat lamps on walls in higher positions to avoid causing any damages and accidental injuries.


Himalayan salt lamps have many positive health benefits and they can add a wonderful warmth and glow to your decor.  You should be aware of the above side effects and make sure they are located in your home at the proper place that is safe for your pets and your whole family.

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