What to Collect While Traveling to Use in Your Home Decor?

What is it in life that we live for? Is it for the money or the big house? Is it for the fancy car parked in the porch or the expensive party you visited last night?

Leaving you to ponder over this idea, let us put forth another question.

We have all heard the proverb that says- “The home is where the heart is.” But, in turn, where does this crazy heart of human lie?

Well, it lies rolling around in the pools of moments and memories. While the human head follows the trail for money and the riches, the human heart lives for the warmth in those little moments of happiness-moments that have passed by and moments that are yet to come.

Given that materialism is deeply rooted in the human veins, we need mementos and souvenirs to hold on to those memories. We collect these souvenirs in our quest for life. But, had you bought them to put them behind the closed and locked doors of your closet?

Not really!

What if you could collect things that would effortlessly fall into line with your home decor? Is it possible?

It, most certainly, is. So let your heart cherish the beauty of moments within the walls and halls of your home. Here is a list of some items to collect while traveling.

  • Postcards and stamps-

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Where would you see postcards today in the age of Whatsapp and texting?

It so happens that as the world progresses, postcards and stamps are sinking into oblivion. But, their vintage value has seen a surge.

While traveling around places, you can collect postcards and stamps from around the world to incorporate into your home decor. You can clip them to strings or fairy lights or, you can create a collage of all the postcards and stamps.

Let your guests travel back in time as they behold your wall of vintage.

  • Maps

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Recall the geography classes you attended at school. The teacher used to walk in with those enormous world and country maps.

Nowadays, of course, Google Maps is a hassle-free alternative. But can you put it on display in the gallery of your house as a decor item?

To lend a rusty look to the walls of your house, you can hang framed world maps on the walls of your house. If you are an avid traveler/explorer, you can pinpoint your trail across places around the globe. Maps like scratch-off map satiate the brimming wanderlust within.

  • Crockery-

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Your kitchen closet has all the crockery locked up inside. Ideally, it is the place they should be in.

However, what if you could display your crockery on walls that would complement your dining room setting? As you roam around cities and countries, you can collect plates and crockery sets exquisitely available in a particular place. Incorporate them into your home decor using your artistic sense to strike conversations at dinner parties.

  • Coins and currency-

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If you have some leftover foreign currency, it will not harm in saving it up for your home decor. Put them in a clean container. They would serve as a constant reminder of the adventures you have undertaken in your life. If you can afford to hold some paper currency from each country, you can make a collage and display it in your living room.

  • Shells and stones-

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Well, this had to be on the list. If you have been to the beach, you have certainly engaged in collecting those little shells lying hither thither. And then, these shells and stones find a place in your home in some DIY version or the original form itself. This is a practice to be followed forever on and around beaches and shorelines.

  • Wine corks-

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If you love wine, then the quirkiest thing to collect could be wine corks. These collected corks of wine could be put in a glass and put on display in your living room. To enhance the mystic appeal, you can write the place, the date and time, and the people you were with.

Unlike many other souvenirs, this would go easy on your pocket and attract much attention.

  • Local art collections-

If you visit Kashmir, you won’t come back without a pashmina shawl. A visit to Japan would be incomplete without buying a good quality folding fan. Similarly, tapestry from Belgium, teapots from China, leather goods from Argentina, etc are souvenirs that you must have in your home.

Make sure to collect region-specific art from the places you visit to immortalize your experience.

  • A gallery of photos-

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After an entire list of exquisite items to look out for, we place this last item on the list. Lamps and lanterns, mirrors and plates, coins and currency, etc might adorn the walls of your house. But, what adorns the walls of your heart? In little photos and polaroids, you can capture the moments for yourselves to cherish forever. You can treasure those captured moments in framed photographs that you hang in your house.

In the era of Carpe diem (Seize the day) and YOLO (You only live once), you do not want to be the victim of FOMO (Fear of missing out), do you?

So treasure your travel experiences for an eternity of happiness in the shape of these little tokens.

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