Why Push Mowers are a Great Choice for the Eco-friendly Household?

If you’re concerned about the life in your lawn, and want to make an eco-friendly choice for the better of the environment and for yourself – consider a push mower.

push mowers are eco-friendly

These manual mowers are a great choice for the eco-friendly household, here’s why:

Never needs fuel

While the usual petrol lawnmower is guzzling gas and pumping out fumes, push mowers are quietly clacking along on their own steam. The only fuel they need is peanut butter sandwiches to keep your legs moving, and a refreshing beer once the mowing is done.

Great for the environment

With no toxic fumes, they are less polluting to the environment around you, and to your own lungs – the fumes from petrol lawn mowers are notoriously toxic, and repeated exposure can cause respiratory problems.

With no fuel there is also no possibility of leaking on to the grass, or worse a nearby pond!
Great exercise

It doesn’t take much effort to push a manual mower along, but the little effort that it does need can help keep you trim for summer.

Extremely quiet

Not only will the neighbors not complain if you mow at 6 am on the weekend, but you can also mow without waking up the kids, or mow at night if that’s your thing. The freedom is yours to choose, and you won’t be bothering anyone.
Better for the grass

The manual push mower cutting mechanism works not like the single blade of a rotary mower,which cuts the grass like a flail, but with a scissoring action that results in healthier, happier grass!
Better for wildlife

Without the noise and distraction of a beastly petrol mower, you are far less likely to disturb frogs, snails, and any other friendly creatures that might be living in your lawn.

Almost no maintenance

Not only do you save the planet by not using petrol, but you won’t even need to use oil to maintain the engine – because you haven’t got one! Just keep the blades in good shape with the annual sharpening. Some push mowers, like the Fiskars StaySharp, even have ways of keeping the blades sharp.

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2 thoughts on “Why Push Mowers are a Great Choice for the Eco-friendly Household?”

  1. I have one of those, and I used it for two years in my old yard.

    I would like to continue using it for my new yard… not for the whole thing since I am now on a farmstead, but for the parts close to the house that need frequent mowing.

    I need to know HOW TO sharpen the blades! So I can use it again.

    It was great being able to mow at 7 am on a Saturday, and know I wasn’t bothering anyone. But… I do need to find sharpening methods. (Mine is much more old fashioned looking than yours.)

    It was also awesome exercise. I’ve never been a fan of exercise for the sake of exercise, I like to accomplish something when I do it.

    1. Hi,
      The push mowers are great but they aren’t for a giant lawn especially if we get a fair amount of rain and you have to mow every week and you live on steep hill. They are great for flater lawns and smaller lawns and certainly are good exercise and environmentally friendly, All man power no gasoline fumes to deal with. Using them even just to do trim work is a great choice. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed weekend. Have fun mowing!

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